Je Suis USTAD …. hands for T-24!!

JeUst~~May 27, 2015~~ 

Man-killer or victim of human interference?

Debate rages over Ranthambore tiger’s relocation.

An activist has moved the Delhi high court to save a Ranthambore tiger, better known as Ustad, from losing his freedom over what he says are unproven charges of being a man-killer.

The male tiger believed to have killed four humans was shifted from Ranthambore National Park to Sajjangarh Biological Park in Udaipur in a highly secretive move, drawing a sharp rebuke from the country’s highest tiger conservation body for alleged violation of standard operating procedure.

The eight-year-old tiger, officially known as number T-24, will be kept in captivity at Sajjangarh, forest department sources said.


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This whole Ustad Lie has been one of the most emotional rollercoaster rides I have ever witnessed.

Those that care know the truth, the people who have come together for this one Majestic Tiger has been international, Your people Ustad have shown who are the Genuine Lovers of your Species of your Forests and of those who watch over you.

May Justice prevail for you Mighty Ustad. May justice prevail for those who fought for your Justice.

You are Ustad

Watch and Listen and then please spread the Truth. May Justice prevail!
#SaveUstad #JesuisUstad

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”


~~T 24 USTAD~~

The Unifying Force

~~Published on May 26, 2015~~

There were days when I walked in my territory carefree
My life was beautiful as we were the happy family of one plus three
Often living at the edge, we basked in the glory of life;
While my babies made most of their play, my meals had love from my lovely wife;
Indeed! It was a beautiful life!!

& suddenly every piece of our lives was destroyed,
While I was taken to a zoo, my family was put to endless agony & cries.
Now who will hear us out?
We are left to endless silence of jungles & not equipped as human clout.

I want to be heard coz it is my family whose future is at stake, It is not only us the animals, but even humans can make mistakes.

I am now succumbed to a life of bondage and misery,
All I can see from the cage are the memories.
Memories from the days when I lived like a king
The very sight of me gave you the thrill.

I don’t ask for more, just my freedom!!

Once again, I want to go back & rule my kingdom!!!


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We ALL are ONE!!