Drumpf’s Mother …. Now, let THAT soak in for a minute …. “!!


~~January 30, 3017~~ 


~the kind of immigrant he hates~

When Mary Anne Macleod, who later gave birth to The Donald, first emigrated to the U.S. from Scotland at age 18, she came with only $50 in her possession and a job as a domestic servant.

The new details about Macleod’s journey to the U.S. were brought to light by the Scottish newspaper The National this weekend, and are confirmed by public records from Ellis Island. They suggest that the story Trump has told about his mother in the past – that she came over to the U.S. on vacation and fell in love with Fred Trump, Donald’s real-estate magnate father – isn’t quite true.

Macleod was born in Tong – pronounced “tongue” – a small village on the remote Isle of Lewis, in northern Scotland.

On May 2, 1930, Macleod’s ship left Glasgow, Scotland for the week-and-a-half journey across the Atlantic.

She turned 18 years old the day before arriving in the Big Apple.

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