Thoughts for today, #436 …. “Respect the ‘president’elect’ …. really? Really? …. “!!


~~November 16. 2016~~


Really? You mean … really?




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Thoughts for today, #434 …. “To protect and serve …. Really? …. “!!


~~November 6, 2016~~ 


When I thought about the police force before, I thought about how they expose their lives to ‘protect and serve‘ the communities they come from.

There seems to be a tendency to be drifting aways from the meaning behind that motto.

The picture/meme above is a perfect example.



In February 1955, the Los Angeles Police Department, through the pages of the internally produced BEAT magazine, conducted a contest for a motto for the police academy.

The conditions of the contest stated that: “The motto should be one that in a few words would express some or all the ideals to which the Los Angeles police service is dedicated. It is possible that the winning motto might someday be adopted as the official motto of the Department.”

To Protect and to Serve“, the motto of the Los Angeles Police Department since 1955, has been adopted by many other police forces.



‘All-Out War’ in North Dakota as Police Arrest 141 Water Protectors
Activists vow to keep up resistance to Dakota Access Pipeline

Police arrested 141 people in North Dakota on Thursday, November 3, moving in with pepper spray and armored tanks on Native American water protectors and other activists who for months have waged resistance against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

Tara Houska, an Ojibwe attorney and director of the rights group Honor the Earth, told Democracy Now! on Friday, November 4, that the raid was an act of “all-out war … waged on Indigenous protectors.”

Houska, who was reportedly shot in the face with a beanbag round during the onslaught, also said in a separate statement released by a coalition of Indigenous groups on Friday,

“Yesterday was a shameful moment in American history.

Law enforcement is supposed to serve and protect the people, not corporate interests. Police enacted violence on people who were armed only with prayer.”


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The Other 98%


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From The Mouth Of “Babes” …. “Oh, Ted …. The Gay Jihad”, really??


~~May 15, 2015~~ 

The new series continues.

Poking fun at controversial political wannabes and idiotic fools (who have no insight to their particular situation) has always been a national past time. At this time, the seriousness of our reality may preclude the “fun” part … this are serious times we are living in.

So many of the memes coming through my timeline are great. I’m sure that when candidacies are announced, the primaries and the final 2016 election cycle is done, graphics like these will be getting better and better.


New Series

“From The Mouth Of Babes”!! 



Jihad is an Islamic term referring to a religious duty of Muslims. In Arabic, the word jihād is a noun meaning “struggle” or “resisting“. A person engaged in jihad is called a mujahid, the plural of which is mujahideen.

Many observers – both Muslim and non-Muslim – talk of jihad having two meanings: an inner spiritual struggle (the “greater jihad”), and an outer physical struggle against the enemies of Islam (the “lesser jihad”) which may take a violent or non-violent form.

Jihad is often translated as “Holy War“, although this term is controversial. Orientalist Bernard Lewis claims in the large majority of cases jihad has a military meaning, but others disagree. There is no concept in Islam obliging Muslims to wage war for propagation or implementation of Islam after the time of Muhammad and his companions, and the only valid basis for jihad through arms is to end oppression when all other measures have failed.

“As it appears in …. full read/full credit”




So, now the gays have a “jihad” that will imprison pastors and seize churches that won’t go along with the gay agenda. I don’t know which gays you have been associating with but, in my neck of the woods, the “gays” have other pressing problems.

Our struggle has been personal. It is our civic duty to fight for equal rights because they aren’t privileges. If you have them, so should we. We aren’t planning a “holy war”. Please get your facts “straight”.

The LGBTQ community is “bigger” than what you seen to have in your pea brain.



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Something to REALLY think about … “It’s not easy”!!


~~April 15, 2015~~ 


Everyone come gather round,

just be quiet; don’t make a sound.

I have something to say to you all,

the way you take it is your call.

I am what you may choose to call gay,

but call me what you like; it’s OK.

I love another man as kind as can be,

I’m sorry I have held this in secrecy.

I didn’t know how you’d all react,

I didn’t want to have a bad impact.

But now we’re engaged to be married,

so this secret too long has been carried.

I want you all to be there on that day,

with loving smiles and sweet things to say.

But if you don’t like me now for being true,

all I can say is – get lost, screw you.

I am in love with a wonderful guy,

you will not break us so don’t even try.

You may not like what I have said,

it may not play well with your head.

But I don’t really care if you disagree,

it’s your ignorance if you don’t want me happy.

But if you can accept that I am gay,

then I have changed someones mind today.


Author Notes

Nothing wrong with being gay.

This is trying to hold strength to show that if you are gay be proud. You are doing nothing wrong. I am not a gay male, I am a straight female but I know many gay men and they are the best friends ever of mine.

They are not sick or mentally disturbed. They are men that love other men. What else is there to say?

We’re here, we’re queer – GET OVER IT!!!
© Stefanie McCaig




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We ALL are ONE!!