To start the day …. “Porta Caribe …. “!!


~~April 21, 2016~~ 


I was born in Santurce, a suburb of San Juan.

I grew up in Río Piedras, another suburb of San Juan.

I went to college in Ponce, the south region.

This is the area where I spent four of my formative years …

… and “formed” I was!

I completed my bachelor’s degree at the Catholic University of Ponce.

It was here where I met the love of my life way back in 1969.

The memories are countless.

They all, good and bad, have a warm spot in my heart.

I became an adult in the south region of Puerto Rico!

I hope you enjoy this video and understand why my heart stays behind.



Porta Caribe is a tourism region in southern Puerto Rico. It consists of 12 municipalities in the south central zone: , Arroyo, Coamo, Guayama, Guayanilla, Juana Diaz, Patillas, Peñuelas, Ponce, Salinas, Santa Isabel, Villaba, Yauco.

Porta Caribe was established in 2003 by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, an agency of the Government of Puerto Rico.

The name translates to “Doorway to the Caribbean.”



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This is a list of the top attractions in Porta Caribe

“Charco Azul” – Carite State Forest, Coamo
Caja de Muertos Island, Ponce
Casa Cautiño Museum, Guayama
Museo de Arte de Ponce

Taino Village in Ponce
La Cruceta del Vigía & Japanese Garden, Ponce
La Guancha Boardwalk, Ponce
Hacienda Buena Vista, Ponce
Historic Firehouse, Ponce
Castillo Serrallés, Ponce
Tibes – Native Indian Museum, Ponce


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~~Puerto Rico’s South Region~~

Porta Caribe

~~Published on Mar 9, 2016~~

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Puerto Rico’s South Region is European Styled … especially the architecture.

Ponce, Puerto Rico’s second-largest city, was founded in the late 17th century.

The city experienced a commercial boom in the 19th, then declined so quickly that no one had time to tear anything down. The center of town is crowded with wedding-cake colonial mansions, arrayed in a procession of balconies, balustrades, and bas-relief.




Housed at the Ponce Art Museum


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