“Invisible” ……

~~March 8, 2014~~ 

There was a moment in time,

suspended in reality

when I was the center of it all.

Sometime, without me knowing.

Someone kept my memory alive

While I was busy leaving tracks in another place.

As dictated by the book of life

the journey became one.

And it was perfect.

Life went on.

Reality isn’t static

it’s an ever-changing state.

Along came a bug, a whiner, a curl and a bud ….

All in a measurable time.

Then everything changed.

It felt relegated, displaced and replaced.

In spite of occasional assurances

that this wasn’t the case.

I became invisible

in my mind,

the worse place.


That is what I have today.

Scary monsters that won’t go away.

Soul pain

that seems ready to stay.

I don’t want to feel invisible

but there seems no other way.

Elton John & Leon Russell

-When Love Is Dying-

We ALL are ONE!!!