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~~April 11, 2015~~ 

After an extraordinary 133-show world tour covering 5 continents, 25 countries and 93 cities, Celine Dion decided to take a break. She and her husband, René Angélil, wanted to have a second child, but with her return to the stage 18 months away, time was of the essence. Six fertility treatments later, Celine gave birth to twins Eddy and Nelson – and had but five months to prepare for her Las Vegas premiere.

3 Boys and a New Show is an intimate, never-before-seen look into the lives of Celine and René as they manage to juggle family life, raise their three sons, and prepare for the new show. From the first rehearsals in Florida to the family’s royalty-worthy Las Vegas arrival, this special offers unparalleled access into both the professional and personal life of a superstar.

Ever-candid and sincere, Celine and René welcome viewers into their world – including their son René-Charles’ first steps as an actor, the baptism of the twins, couture fittings for stage costumes, Celine’s arrival at the Oprah Winfrey studios in Chicago, and finally, the first glimpses of her highly-anticipated show, both on and backstage.



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As mom and megastar, Celine is both entirely devoted to her family and remarkably dedicated to her career and fans. And her commitment pays off – after the stress of the final days of rehearsal, she’s greeted by a wave of standing ovations, helping ease the weight Celine and René had been carrying on their shoulders. The show is a triumph! And so a new adventure has begun.

3 Boys and a New Show is, first and foremost, a love story – the love one of the world’s biggest stars has for her family, her fans and her calling

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~~Celine Dion Documentary~~

2013 – 2014 part 5 7

~~Published on Jan 28, 2014~~

Celine Dion Documentary



Céline Dion is Back …. 2015

~~Published on Apr 8, 2015~~

The Queen of love songs is back! 2015 August in Las Vegas! New Show!


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At the end of the day … “Celine Dion and Rene Angelil!”


~~April 10, 2015~~ 

I must have been hiding under a rock. I’m a fervent Celine Dion fan and have always wanted to see her singing live. I heard that she wasn’t playing Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas but didn’t really follow up on why and for how long.

I knew that her husband, Rene Angelil, had battled cancer before but I wasn’t aware of the seriousness of his medical condition until I found the video included below.

My heart is sad for Celine and her family.

I hope the best for them and wish for a recovery.


Celine Dion’s husband, Rene Angelil, is struggling through throat cancer treatment, and Celine recently opened up in a tearful interview to speak about their living life “one day at a time.”

“We’re choosing to live.” Those simple words say everything that Celine has been willing to do for her husband, Rene, 74, who has been struggling with cancer since 1999. After initial treatments, a tumor was discovered in his throat years later, and he underwent a procedure to have it removed in 2013.

Since then, things have been a long, uphill battle for Rene, Celine and their three children. Now, Celine has taken on the duties of being Rene’s caretaker in regards to feeding him daily, and that constitutes work with a feeding tube. Celine has been open and honest about her fears of losing Rene, as he has been so instrumental in all aspects of her life. He championed her career.

For fans of Celine, they’re well aware that she has put her career on hiatus to play caretaker to her family, and because she herself was struggling with a throat issue in 2014. She hit pause on her Las Vegas residency in July of last year, and is planning to resume her show in August of 2015.

There is something delightfully weird about Celine. And no, that’s not an insult–it’s a compliment. Weird meaning spiritual/uncanny. Say what you will about some of her antics being steeped in different cultural understanding, and sub-culture of that culture, but the woman can sing like the best of songbirds.

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March 2015

“When I stopped performing, I wanted to be just a wife and a mother,” she says. And the Canadian songstress did just that, caring for her husband and the couple’s three sons – René-Charles, 14, and twins Eddy and Nelson, 4.

However, at Angélil’s urging, they began planning her comeback and continued to do so after they found out he was diagnosed with cancer for a third time.

Says Dion, tearing up: “He wants me to sing again, and I want to do this with him.”

Indeed Angélil – who remains unable to speak due to extensive throat surgery, has difficulty hearing because of past radiation treatments and eats three times a day through a feeding tube – will be her biggest fan at her debut.

“René will be in the audience,” says Dion, 46, about opening night. “I promise there will be high, happy notes, but it’s going to be very emotional for me.”

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~~Celine Dion – Good Morning America~~

March 3, 2015

~~Published on Mar 25, 2015~~


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