Something to think about …. “Sacred Grounds …. What is the difference? …. “!!


~~September 9, 2016~~ 


Just put yourself, for one second, in the situation described above.

What is the difference between Arlington Cemetery and the Native American Sacred Burial Grounds??

Really, truly … what is the difference?

Can anyone venture and tell me there’s a difference?

Where’s the outrage, the scrutiny and the mainstream media coverage?



The Recognition of Native American sacred sites in the US could be described as:

“specific, discrete, narrowly delineated location on Federal land that is identified by an Indian tribe, or Indian individual determined to be an appropriately authoritative representative of an Indian religion, as sacred by virtue of its established religious significance to, or ceremonial use by, an Indian religion”.

The sacred places are believed to “have their own ‘spiritual properties and significance'”. Ultimately, Indigenous peoples who practice their religion at a particular site, they hold a special and sacred attachment to that land sacred land.

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”



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To start the day …. Going home!!


~~August 15, 2014~~

Today is that day of the week when all has been done. For many, it’s a day to go home. Even though today is just beginning, soon it will be that time to go home.

Enjoy the day, do your best and get ready for the journey back home.


Jon Schmidt (born 1966) is an American pianist currently residing in Bountiful, Utah. He describes his style as “new-age classical.” He was born to German immigrants who acquainted him with the works of such composers as Beethoven, Mozart, and Chopin. He began songwriting at age 11. To date, he has released eight albums and seven piano books containing transcriptions of original arrangements.

He currently works with Steven Sharp Nelson on a project called The Piano Guys, which has proven over and over to be more than quite popular.

His work is often described as New Age music with pop elements of hook and melody. His works were also featured on sample discs for the Iomega Hipzip Digital Audio Player with the pieces “Sacred Ground“, “All of Me“, and “Waterfall“. His influences include Mannheim Steamroller, Billy Joel, and Beethoven.


~~Going Home~~

~~Published on Mar 25, 2012~~

From the album “A Day in the Sunset” (1994)


We ALL are ONE!!