At the end of the day …. “Time for slumber”!!


~~February 21, 2015~~

Funny Dogs and Cats desperately need to rest and take a nap

In long tiring days, it’s always a good idea. to take a little nap to freshen up and be able to focus for the rest of your day and to function well .

It is well known that a nap, especially if taken on noon time, can make your body restore its energy. This would be really helpful if you still have things that needs to be done.

Humans are not the only species need a nap once in a while. If you ever had a puppy then you are familiar with dogs taking some really long naps, as puppies can sleep and nap for about 18 hours every day. That’s a lot of sleeping and napping. If humans would sleep and nap for the same amount of time there wouldn’t be anything done. We would have done nothing as a species. Luckily we don’t need that much sleep time.


But sometimes we, and our pets, try to fight this urge to close our eyes and find a comfortable place and take a nap .

In this very funny video we could see these cats and dogs who happens to be  in the same situation. They desperately need some sleep, but they are trying to stay awake for as much as possible. They reach a point where have no ability to fight it anymore. They just have to give in. They have no choice but the way they look falling to sleep is so funny. Some of them just close their eyes and sleep and others not-so-lucky who would fall to the ground to sleep.

Watch this funny video and remember: Taking a nap is good for you. Good for pets too!

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~~Cats And Dogs In Desperate Need Of Naps~~

The Supercut 2013 Compilation

~~Published on Nov 7, 2013~~

Big thanks for Sam Wilkes for making this.
He & She – All That I Need


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I napped today a bit … cold weather


We ALL are ONE!!