Keystone pipeline clears a big hurdle …… Senate approves KXL!!


~~January 30, 2015~~ 

It’s happened.

The anti-climate House and the Senate have passed legislation to force through the Keystone XL Pipeline — all as a display of loyalty to the dirty fossil fuel industry.

Many representatives went even further by announcing they believe that humans do not contribute to climate change. It’s time to end this Big Oil lovefest and embrace the science:

KXL would be catastrophic for the climate.

President Obama promised to veto KXL, and now the moment has arrived.





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~~Reject Keystone XL~~

~~Published on Aug 5, 2013~~

The Keystone Pipeline will drive up oil prices, stifle job growth, benefit foreign companies, damage the environment, and fuel global warming.

Get the facts and stand with the truth at http://action.nextgenclimateaction.or….

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