National Feral Cat Day ….. “October 16, 2015”!!


~~October 16, 2015~~


Feral Cat Facts
Cats have lived alongside humans for more than 10,000 years. They are part of the natural landscape. Feral cats are the same species as pet cats. Feral cats, also called community or outdoor cats, live in groups called colonies and can thrive in every landscape. They are just as healthy as pet cats, but they are not socialized to humans and are therefore un-adoptable.

Trap-Neuter-Return — a humane approach to managing and caring for community cats— is the only effective method of stabilizing cat colonies. In the last decade, the number of local governments with official policies endorsing TNR has increased tenfold, with hundreds of cities and towns successfully carrying out TNR programs.

However, in the majority of cities, cats are still caught and brought to animal pounds and shelters where they are killed. The shelter system is the number one cause of death for cats in the United States. About 70% of cats who enter shelters are killed there, including virtually 100% of feral cats. That’s why it’s so important for people like you to join us for National Feral Cat Day®, and every day, to help change society and create compassionate communities for cats.

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~National Feral Cat Day – October 16~

~Published on Oct 16, 2015~

Big Cat Rescue would like to bring you awareness to National Feral Cat Day and what it is you can do to help decrease feral cat populations.


We ALL are ONE!!!