Something to think about …. “Justice for Harambe …. “!!


~~June 2, 2016~~ 


This page was the First Original Tribute Page founded in memory of the Silverback Gorilla Harambe, killed at the Cincinnati Zoo on May 28, 2016.

Please respect the fact that we are not here to place blame or criticize anyone.

We only ask that his life not be forgotten.

Thank You.

We understand that people are angry about this incident and we urge people not to post anything disrespectful.

We will do our very best to delete any comment that gives information about the parents of the little boy.

This is not what this page is about.

We will not tolerate this sort of information being posted on this page and we will delete it if we find it.

Justice for Harambe



Justice for Harambe


Western lowland gorillas are endangered, but they remain far more common than their relatives, the mountain gorillas.

They live in heavy rain forests, and it is difficult for scientists to accurately estimate how many survive in Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Angola, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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We ALL are ONE!!