It Is What It Is …. Dr. Rex …. “Blogging for change …. going dark for a while …. “!!


~~November 11, 2016~~ 


Slang term in the intelligence world which means you go silent. You don’t speak or communicate with anyone for a given period on time.

It is a way of protecting yourself from someone who would do you harm.


At this moment in time, I’m going dark because there are no real words to convey the way I feel today; the way I’ve felt since election night.

Many were hoping for a ‘sea of blue‘ on that USA map. Instead it was a ‘sea of red‘.

(Could that be an indicator of things to come? The color of blood.)

I still feel numb. My heart is aching. I don’t have the spirit of ‘dust yourself off and get ready to fight’.

I’m not there yet. Don’t know it I will.

For now, I’ll reblog what is interesting, educational and related to current events.

I’ll be back when I feel I’m ready.



Michael Moore said it best; this wasn’t just an election ― this was a referendum on bigotry. And, bigotry won. The Alt-Right is already celebrating. The Alt-Right who exists under the guise of an ambiguous title, but is nothing more than a white supremacist nationalist group who seek a to rid this country of anything deemed as “other.”

Last night was a victory for them.

It was a victory for the KKK.

It was a victory for hate.

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