At the end of the day …. “Breaking the Illusion of Limitation”!!


~~September 6, 2014~~ 

“You were born a small bundle of infinite potential

You loved and were loved unconditionally

The concept of lack was foreign to you

As you grew you started to question the world around you

But at school you were taught to repeat information instead of to think for yourself

You were ridiculed by peers when you challenged the status quo …… 


You were presented with continuous distractions to keep you from questioning the reality around you

You were deliberately kept ignorant as we fear what we do not understand

You sought news of world events but were fed propaganda


You were given hope with promise of effecting change through voting

But that hope disintegrated when you realized that both parties were played by the same hand ….. 


Living in the moment is all you can ever do

National pride was instilled in you at the expense of distancing you from the rest of the world

You only limit that which you label and ascribe terms to. The truth cannot be so easily forced into a box

Is it any wonder you feel confused and directionless?


It’s your choice, just start believing

We all come from the same source, we are all one

You realize this as the labels you were given no longer fit

You were born free and will die free but will you live free?

The choice is yours

You are infinite potential

Respect yourself and you will respect others!”

~~A world beyond war~~


~~Breaking the Illusion of Limitation~~


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We ALL are ONE!! 


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