Family is more than blood …. it’s those who are there!!

~~September 24, 2014~~ 

We frequently wonder about the meaning of family.

Society dictates that family are those who are within your immediate circle, related, connected by blood. I argue that many time this may not be the case. I’m not in any way saying that functional families do not exist. I’m saying that frequently we learn who our “family” is as we experience life’s trial and tribulations. 

I know people who lack that connection to their blood relatives. Many are taken for granted, put down, disrespected, emotionally abused, taken advantage of, robbed of their possessions, ignored, disenfranchised. 

These family ties are established by genetics. These can’t be chosen. 

The real family is chosen by every individual …. these ties are real, more lasting and voluntary. These ties hold steadfastly, weathering storms, upheavals and still survive. Family is about being there when you need them most. 




We ALL are ONE!!