To start the day …. “THIRD DEBATE …. Randy Rainbows Parody Song: Nasty Woman …. “!!


~~October 25, 2016~~


Randy does it again!

That third debate was scathing.

Score another for the ‘nasty woman’.

Laughter is the best Medicine!

Go Randy.

Thank you!



Randy Rainbow is a blogger and internet celebrity based in New York, NY, United States. Rainbow is most notable for a series of humorous YouTube viral videos in which he stages fake phone conversations with famous people by editing real audio clips of those celebrities.



Randy Rainbow Turns Third Debate Into Splendid “Sound Of Music” Parody

In an election year that’s given us plenty of reasons to fear for our future, Randy Rainbow has been a beacon of gay light.

The internet sensation is helping to ease our political pain once again, and this time turned the most buzzed about moments from the third debate into a magical musical.

Taking Trump’s infamous “nasty woman” quote from last week, Randy turned the negative energy of the final debate into the perfect parody of “The Lonely Goatherd” from The Sound of Music.

From the moment the first chords cut through the mounting tension of the debate footage, our gay hearts were instantly at ease and ready to enjoy the show.

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Randy Rainbow



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~~Published on Oct 24, 2016~~

Randy Rainbow moderates the last debate!


We ALL are ONE!!


At the end of the day …. “Sound Of Music 50th Anniversary”!!


~~March 27, 2015~~ 

‘Sound of Music’ 50th Anniversary

The Sound of Music” turned 50 on March 2, 2015,  and is still just as iconic as ever, decades after Julie Andrews starred as Maria in the 1965 classic.


The film, starring Julie Andrews and famous for such classic songs as Sixteen Going on Seventeen and My Favorite Things, is based on the writings of Maria von Trapp who detailed how her family escaped Austria when it was ruled by the Nazis.

Many locations in the movie are instantly recognizable for fans, including the Leopoldskron Castle, now a 67-room hotel, which was used as the Von Trapp residence in the film.

That has led to The Sound of Music fans from around the world visiting the sites and that has made money for local tours.

“After about ten years ago they found out they make money with the movie. It was already since 25 years clear that people, especially English-speaking people, are coming because of the movie, you know.

“And we had the luck that, you know, the owner was married with an American (winks) and he knows about the movie and he said we can make money with that. And so they started in 1976.

Since this time we make the Sound of Music tour and it’s the best tour we have,” said the manager of Bob’s Tours, Eviline Truhlau.


There are many sites in Salzburg that were used in the film, as Truhlau explains, “When they filmed here they really hopped around. They put things together that are not really together, by example the house.

“They used the castle, a Rococo castle, they used a Baroque castle for the front and for the back, you know. The gazebo moved in the meantime but it was built for the movie so it was used for that, it never belonged to the castle – I guess it was just the kind of thing to make something extra in this movie.”

Although The Sound of Music will always be associated with the hills and mountains of Austria, the manager of the Leopoldskron Hotel claims the movie does not have quite the same level of popularity at home as it does in other parts of the world.

There are plans for more Sound of Music celebrations this year and there was even a reference to the film during Lady Gaga’s Oscars performance.

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~’The Sound of Music’~

Julie Andrews & Diane Sawyer Revisit Film Scenes on 50th Anniversary

~~Published on Mar 10, 2015~~

The British actress discusses the famed musical and upcoming 50th anniversary special with Diane Sawyer. ABC interview with Robin Roberts.


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We ALL are ONE!! 


~’The Sound of Music’~

The Untold Story

~~Published on Mar 18, 2015~~

Julie Andrews and Diane Sawyer took a trip down memory lane as they traveled through the hills of Austria.


~Julie Andrews Interview: Lady Gaga’s Oscars Tribute~

~Published on Mar 11, 2015~

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary Edition of “The Sound of Music,” which is now available to own with XFINITY On Demand, Dame Julie Andrews sits down with entertainment editor David Onda to talk about sharing the Oscars stage with Lady Gaga and her upcoming 80th birthday.