The greatest gift …. TIME!!

~~September 25, 2014~~ย 

What is it that we all have plenty of (even if we think we don’t)? What is inexpensive, doesn’t entail going out of our way and it right in our hands?


Once we let time go by, we won’t get it back. Don’t waste it, let’s use it wisely.ย 



The best way to live,
Is to try to give.
Leave behind your greed,
To truly succeed.

Give an instant,
And be not so distant,
With a sunny smile,
For a little while,
Such a valuable gift,
Provides spirits a lift.

Give a minute,
If that’s your limit,
To help another,
Like a devoted mother.
It shouldn’t be rare,
When people dare,
To help those in need,
With a kindly deed.

Give an hour,
It’s within your power.
Sit with a friend and laugh,
At an old photograph,
Of how your time began.
Share an exciting plan.
Pour sun on your future,
Close the wound with a suture.

Give a day,
Fill it with play.
Know a stranger well,
Bring them out of their shell.
Make it your mission,
To truly listen.
Showing genuine interest,
Is really simplest.

Spend your time
Helping others climb.

Stephen Katona




We ALL are ONE!!ย