To start the day …..

~~February 24, 2014~~

Today is Monday, the beginning of a new week. It’s 7:15 AM. It’s a new day, a new opportunity to start fresh, to start anew and continue in this journey we call life. This journey where ALL human beings have embarked upon.

However, today is a sad day for me. Why, you may ask …. I will tell you!


Two important headlines!

The “Kill the Gays” bill in Uganda has been signed. It’s the law there to discriminate, persecute and deny medical care, to those who are HIV+ and others, as well as helping any LGBT community members in ANY way.


~~It’s done.  He signed it at 1:54 local time~~


Arizona is on the verge of signing the “Christian Shield” bill which protects the rights of businesses who deny services to LGBT based on the owners’ religious beliefs.

Can anyone convince me this is right?

In spite of strides in LGBT rights and equality in America, what will stop it from eventually going “the way of Uganda”??

It has to start somewhere.

~~From Facebook friends in Kampala, Uganda~~

“Can’t describe the state I am in now!!!”

“I’m also worried. I don’t know what is next.  I’m even sick. I’m not feeling well. I got a dental cavity”




~~From Facebook friends in America~~

“I am amazed and confounded that this is acceptable in the 20th century. Making lawful discrimination possible is just plain idiotic and against civil rights and many more judicial rulings throughout the world. America wake the hell up! This is just as bad, if not worse, than the anti black movement and groups there in!!!!

Know that was turned on its head. Don’t start another long process that will take decades to change once it gets going. STOP NOW! No religion is a definitive rule on anything it is a guide to take your own path by. Religious beliefs and readings are not always right.  Wars have started because of less reasons!! 


“This is such a travesty. People will die. Straight people give birth to gay people. When will people open their minds? Wake up!”




Slow Sad Piano Music


We ALL fight the fight!! 


We ALL are ONE!!