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~~April 10, 2018~~ 

Science Says Silence Is Much More Important To Our Brains Than We Think

It turns out that noise pollution has been found to lead to high blood pressure and heart attacks, as well as impairing hearing and overall health.

Just as too much noise can cause stress and tension, research has found that silence has the opposite effect, releasing tension in the brain and body.

“Silence is my friend. I crave it; I need it.”


Regenerated brain cells may be just a matter of silence

The brain is actively internalizing and evaluating information during silence

Silence relieves stress and tension

Silence replenishes our cognitive resources

It is possible for the brain to restore its finite cognitive resources. According to the attention restoration theory when you are in an environment with lower levels of sensory input the brain can ‘recover’ some of its cognitive abilities. In silence the brain is able to let down its sensory guard and restore some of what has been ‘lost’ through excess noise.

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Something to think about …. “We are in this together …. it’s more than a mere whim to remove ‘Obama’-care …. “!!


~~January 10, 2017~~


The Republican plan to repeal Obamacare and delay the implementation of the repeal – with a promise to come up with a terrific replacement later – is probably the party’s best way to destroy Obamacare.

Unfortunately for Republicans, it’s also the best way to destroy the Republican majority in Congress.

(Maybe fortunately for Democrats?)

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Just because they hate the name and the fact that this was ‘created; during the Obama presidency.

They don’t care who they hurt. They don’t care who is affected.

They don’t care about the health of the American citizens.

They don’t care about the ramifications of this action.

They just care about the power their party has now.

They don’t have a replacement.

We are not fools!

They will pay the price for their actions.

Of that I’m sure!




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