IOTD …. “🙏🏽 Image of the Day …. Very Special Edition …. TIME Magazine Cover …. Her Lasting Impact 🙏🏽 …. “!!


~~October 5, 2018~~ 



I find this to be an lasting testament to Dr. Ford’s ordeal.

It catches the lasting effects of what she experienced as a teen.

“Indelible in the hippocampus … ‘

for life!!



For the Oct. 15, 2018, TIME cover on the impact of Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony and the significance of her voice, we used Ford’s words to create her portrait.

As Haley Sweetland Edwards writes in the accompanying story, “the moment Dr. Christine Blasey Ford walked into the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, raised her right hand and swore to tell the truth, it was clear to millions of Americans that something momentous was about to unfold.”

Using words and phrases from Ford’s testimony, San Francisco-based artist John Mavroudis recreated her likeness by drawing each letter by hand.

“This particular process is like putting a jigsaw puzzle together, but with an infinite number of possibilities,” says Mavroudis.

“I started with an image of Ford and then drew the words in where they might be appropriate.”

“The memory quotes would be attached to her forehead area, and the quotes about wanting to help I placed on her hand. The hand could be seen as welcoming, but also deflecting,” Mavroudis said.

“It’s a fascinating process to watch the face take shape, while hoping that you’ve captured the essence.”


“As it appears in … full read/full credit”


~John Mavroudis Twitter Feed~


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‘This face behind Drumpf startled me’ …. “🧐 Brooke Baldwin’s …. a young boy, taking this all in 🧐 …. “!!


~~October 5, 2018~~ 



Just when you think he can’t go lower, there’s another level below the previous ‘lowest one’. And HE never fails to deliver.

This time his bainless, devoted supporters, once again, followed his lead.

They are as heartless and empty vessels as he is!

Let the video speak for itself.



CNN’s Brooke Baldwin says the scene at Drumpf’s rally during which he mocked Brett Kavanaugh accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was “absent of soul.”

The little boy on the left of Drumpf, expressionless … on the same day the ‘so-called president’ said that young men should be scared in America. 


~The Most Striking Thing About Trump’s Mockery of Christine Blasey Ford~
The president’s jokes at the expense of the woman who told her story of sexual assault are yet another reminder:

Laughter is a luxury. And, often, a weapon.

At a rally in Mississippi, Drumpf did what Drumpf is so often apt to do:

He dispensed with the former niceties. The Drumpf of last week had been, in public settings, generally respectful of Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who had come forward to allege that the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her when she was 15. The Drumpf of this week, however, reverted to the mode that is his most common and, it would seem, his most comfortable: mockery.

To me, the most naked, not surprising reaction was his supporters’ response!


The crowd at the rally guffawed. They cheered. They broke out into applause. The president, thus galvanized, thus supported, thus loved, continued his one-man interrogation:

“What neighborhood was it in? I don’t know. Where’s the house? I don’t know. Upstairs, downstairs, where was it? I don’t know. But I had one beer. That’s the only thing I remember.”

“As it appears in …. full read/full credit”

~~Brooke Baldwin~~

This face behind Drumpf startled me

~~Published on Oct 3, 2018~~

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin says the scene at Drumpf’s rally during which he mocked Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford was “absent of soul.”


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#DearProfessorFord …. “📚 We Support and Believe You …. Your Sisters 📚 …. “!!


~~September 21, 2018~~ 


At this point, I have no words.

This has been on my mind since one week ago, when Dr. Ford identified herself as the victim of alleged sexual assault by the nominee to the vacant seat on the Supreme Court of the United States.

I can barely being to imagine how she’s feeling in view of the event that happened 36 years ago, her identifying herself and the subsequent situation she has endured since her identity became known.

I don’t want to write about the actions of the old curmudgeons, white men who sit on the Judiciary Committee, two of whom where in this same place in history during the Anita Hill hearings. I only want to mention that we, the people, are not blind to the reasons for your actions.

Your legacy, if any, will forever be tainted and if that man sits on SCOTUS, his tenure will be forever tainted. The ‘highest court in the land’ will have two members who has been accused of sexual misconduct.



“Dear Professor Ford” Video Shows Activists and Celebrities Backing Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

In a video circulating Twitter shared with the hashtag #WeBelieveYou, dozens of women showed support for Palo Alto professor Christine Blasey Ford.

The video, titled #DearProfessorFord, shows celebrities, attorneys, and activists lauding Ford for speaking up about her allegation against SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh, who has categorically denied the allegation, has been called on by the Senate Judiciary Committee to appear at a hearing on Monday, as has Ford.

“Dear Professor Ford,” the women in the video say, “we know how difficult it is to stand up to powerful people.

We want to thank you for publicly sharing your story of sexual violence.

As members of the Senate determine whether Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh should serve as a Supreme Court Justice, this context is critical.”

The different figures in the video then refer to Ford’s sexual assault allegation against Kavanaugh, saying that “the behavior you described was wrong and runs directly counter to upholding the law and promoting justice.”

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”


~~#DearProfessorFord We Support and Believe you~~

~~Published on Sep 20, 2018~~

#DearProfessorFord We Support and Believe you.

We want you to know that you are not alone.

You are a survivor. Millions of us have your back.

We call on Senators to demand a full, fair and trauma-informed investigation.

Signed, Your Sisters


#DearProfessorFord #We Support #WeBelieveYou #YourSisters #ActivistsAndCelebrities #Backing #DrChristineBlaseyFord #Survivor #SexualAssault #PaloAltoProfessor #ChristineBlaseyFord #YouAreNotAlone #YouAreASurvivor #MillionsHaveYourBack #Senators #Demand #Full #Fair #TraumaInformedInvestigation #SCOTUS #Nominee

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IOTD …. Image of the Day …. Special Edition …. “The Bowling Green Massacre …. I survived …. “!!


~~February 4, 2017~~ 


When people, because of their words and actions, don’t earn the respect of others, they earn derision and rejection.

To cite a few, such is  the case of ‘Lord Cheeto‘- PEEOTUS, ‘Kellyanne Con-Job‘ -Chief Counselor to PEEOTUS and ‘Sean Spitter‘ – Press Secretary.

They live in an alternate reality and have even coined ‘alternative facts’.

When that is the case,  be ready to receive push-back.

It you dish it out, be ready to take it!


Kellyanne Conway cites ‘Bowling Green massacre’ that never happened to defend travel ban

Kellyanne Con-Job has taken “alternative facts” to a new level.

During a Thursday interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, the counselor to the president defended President Trump’s travel ban related to seven majority-Muslim countries.

At one point, Conway made a reference to two Iraqi refugees whom she described as the masterminds behind “the Bowling Green massacre.”

“Most people don’t know that because it didn’t get covered,” Conway said.

The Bowling Green massacre didn’t get covered because it didn’t happen. 

There has never been a terrorist attack in Bowling Green, Ky., carried out by Iraqi refugees or anyone else.

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”



The Resistance


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We ALL are ONE!!


Something to think about …. “History DOES repeat itself …. yet, we forget or ignore it …. “!!


~~December 8, 2016~~ 


“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”

~Mahatma Gandhi~


“There are only patterns, patterns on top of patterns, patterns that affect other patterns. Patterns hidden by patterns. Patterns within patterns.
If you watch close, history does nothing but repeat itself.
What we call chaos is just patterns we haven’t recognized. What we call random is just patterns we can’t decipher.

What we can’t understand we call nonsense. What we can’t read we call gibberish.
There is no free will.
There are no variables.”

~Chuck Palahniuk, Survivor~



Sacred Earth


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‘RAPE CULTURE’ …. “Which one is worse: the event or the aftermath? …. “!!


~~September 14, 2016~~ 


Brock Turner only spent 3 months in jail because Judge Persky cared more about his future than justice for the survivor.

To defeat #rapeculture we must understand it.



In feminist theory, rape culture is a setting in which rape is pervasive and normalized due to societal attitudes about gender and sexuality. There is disagreement over what defines rape culture and as to whether any societies currently meet the criteria for a rape culture.

Behaviors commonly associated with rape culture include victim blaming, sexual objectification, trivializing rape, denial of widespread rape, refusing to acknowledge the harm caused by some forms of sexual violence, or some combination of these.

The notion of rape culture has been used to describe and explain behavior within social groups, including prison rape, and in conflict areas where war rape is used as psychological warfare.

Entire societies have been alleged to be rape cultures.

Evidence suggests that rape culture is correlated with other social factors and behaviors. Rape myths, victim blaming, and trivialization of rape have been found to be positively correlated with racism, sexism,homophobia, ageism, classism, religious intolerance, and other forms of discrimination.

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”





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~~Rape Culture USA~~

~~Published on Sep 4, 2014~~

The number of women who have been raped in the United States is huge, and many argue that ‘rape culture‘ is the reason so many get away with it.

But what is Rape Culture, and how does it contribute to these shocking statistics?

AJ+ breaks it down, including some examples from Cee Lo Green, Daniel Tosh, and more.


We ALL are ONE!!


To start the day …. “Calysta Bevier: Christina Perri’s ‘Human’ …. AGT’s Semi-Finals 2016 …. “!!


~~September 7, 2016~~ 


I’ve been following this young woman since she first appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

She has an amazing voice and a extraordinary story.

She’s an ovarian cancer survivor and she’s only a teenager.

Once I realized she was on ‘America’s Got Talent’, I started following the show.

Caly has made it to the semi-finals.

Here’s her performance on this week’s show.

Judge for yourself.





Human” was written by Perri and Martin Johnson in April 2013, and was produced by Martin Johnson. The song was written at the end of a long session of song-writing, and originally Perri wasn’t sure if the song would be in the album because she felt it was too personal, but because of the positive reactions to the song, she decided to put in the album and chose it as the lead single.




Google Images

I do not own these images.

No intention of taking credit.

If anyone knows the owner of any, please advise and it will be corrected immediately.




To start the day …. “Calysta …. Covers ‘BRAVE’ …. “!!

At the end of the day …. “Caly’s Fight Song …. AMAZING ….”!!



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~~Calysta Bevier covers Christina Perri’s “Human”~~

Semifinals 2 Full

America’s Got Talent 2016

~~Published on Sep 7, 2016~~

Calysta Bevier, Simon’s golden buzzer singer with Christina Perri’s “Human”
America’s Got Talent 2016 Semifinals



We ALL are ONE!!


To start the day …. “Kim Davis: Cell Block Tango … Right on Target”!!


~~September 16, 2015~~ 


*WARNING … some may find words which could be offensive.

Listen at your own risk.

I found it hilarious and straight on target!*

When someone puts themselves out there, in such a prominent spot, out to the public, this is bound to happen. Your choice, Kim.

All actions have consequences!




Randy Rainbow is a blogger and Internet celebrity based in New York, NY, United States. Rainbow is most notable for a series of humorous YouTube viral videos in which he stages fake phone conversations with famous people by editing real audio clips of those celebrities.

He posted his breakout video, “Randy Rainbow is Dating Mel Gibson,” on July 18, 2010. It received more than 60,000 views in one week and has since surpassed 100,000 views. Subsequent videos include “Randy Rainbow Calls Lindsay Lohan,” “Randy Rainbow Calls Dr. Laura,” “The Morning After Chelsea’s Wedding,” “Randy Rainbow Gets a Job (from Rachel Zoe?),” “Randy Rainbow Kicks It with Kanye West,” and “Randy Rainbow Spends Christmas with Mel Gibson.” Michael Urie appeared as himself in “Randy Rainbow Getting Married?” Tituss Burgess appeared as himself in “Randy Rainbow Stars in a Show!” Brent Corrigan appeared as himself in “Randy Rainbow Makes a Sex Tape (w/Mel Gibson).” Randy’s cat, Mushi Rainbow, also plays a prominent role in his videos.

Randy Rainbow is, in fact, his birth name. He was raised in South Florida and has a musical theater background. He is Jewish and openly gay.

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”


Google Images



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Kim Davis’s 15 Minutes Are Up


Kim Davis’s 15 Minutes Are Up


Kentucky clerk Kim Davis returned to work Monday morning, September 14, for the first time since being jailed for disobeying a judge’s order for denying marriage licenses to gay couples, saying she wants her name and title removed from the licenses currently being issued by her office.

Choking back tears at a news conference before her return to work, a defiant Davis said she is faced with a “seemingly impossible choice …. my conscience or my freedom,” referring to her opposition to same-sex marriages.

Davis, elected last year as a Democrat, was taken into custody Sept. 3 after she refused to comply with Bunning’s order to resume issuing marriage licenses in Rowan County. She was released from jail five days later, flanked by presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, to a cheering crowd as the Survivor song “Eye of the Tiger” played.

(There’s a lawsuit pending on the unauthorized use of this song).

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”


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~The KIM DAVIS Cell Block Tango~

Randy Rainbow

~Published on Sep 7, 2015~
And now, Randy Rainbow pays musical tribute to everyone’s favorite Kentucky clerk, in his rendition of: ‘The Kim Davis Cell Block Tango’

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We ALL are ONE!!