To start the day ….. a bit late!!

~~March 22, 1014~~

“Many of us are learning how to speak up and speak clearly about what we need and what’s important to us. When we do, we are often surprised to discover that people actually do hear us and respond appropriately. And if they don’t, at least we’ve done our best to communicate and we can feel better about doing what’s right for our own emotional well-being. And even more important, we can be certain the Universe heard every single word.”


Today has been a confirmation about this for me. Talking is the key. Communication and exchange of ideas is vital.

Hoping to get it right again. 


The light is coming through. The darkness is dissipating. The way is still rocky. Lot of work still left to do. At least it has started and that is good.


~~Forest Meditation ~ Relax Music~~


We ALL are connected through NATURE!! 


~~Published on Sep 15, 2012~~


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We ALL are ONE!!