IOTD …. “🎄🎄 Images of the Day, #771 …. WHITE HOUSE: ‘I’m Dreaming of a Red Christmas 🎄🎄 …. “!!’


~~November 27, 2018~~ 



To each their own, I say.

Yet, when in the public eye, choices and actions are under a microscope.

Here are some responses to the red Christmas trees.



Melania’s White House Christmas decorations have become a horror meme yet again

Your new holiday tradition: A Very Scary White House Christmas!

The White House has decked its halls for the holidays. And just like last year, its trimmings look more frightening than festive at first glance.

If you were one of many people who thought last year’s White House Christmas display was bizarrely ominous, moody lighting and barren tree skeletons looking like the backdrop of a horror movie – well, then, I can’t wait to hear what you think of the 2018 holiday look.

Melania reportedly spent months working on this year’s decorations, which she unveiled in a series of Monday morning tweets.

Perhaps determined to continue signaling disregard for her critics, Drumpf has repeated the idea of horror-tinged White-House decor in at least one corner of the place, lining an entire hallway with blood-red Christmas trees that immediately reminded gawkers on social media of fun holiday movies.

Like Stanley Kubrick’s Christmas classic The Shining!

You can see more images in this link!

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Thoughts for today, #275 …. “Always Speak Boldly …. “!!


~~October 29, 2015~~ 


“What ever happened to creativity?

What ever happened to the passion?

What ever happened to speaking ones mind?

I’ll tell you what happened.

The kids aged, but never grew up.

A baby can whine if it does not like something because it doesn’t know better.

What’s your excuse?

Stop getting offended whenever the wind blows your hair the wrong way!

We will get nowhere if we continue to avoid truths to avoid offense.

Speak your mind and do not be afraid of stepping on toes. The truth can be ugly, and that’s what makes it so beautiful. Speak your mind, but don’t take this as a chance to lose respect either.

Always keep respect.

If someone then still claims to be offended, it is not because of you, nor is it your fault.

They simply don’t like the taste of the bittersweet truth.”

~Caitlyn Paige~




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We ALL are ONE!! 


MEDICAL CORNER …. Sea Salt vs Table Salt!!


~~February 2, 2015~~ 

What’s the difference between sea salt and table salt?

The most notable differences between sea salt and table salt are in their taste, texture and processing.

Sea salt is produced through evaporation of ocean water or water from saltwater lakes, usually with little processing. Depending on the water source, this leaves behind certain trace minerals and elements. The minerals add flavor and color to sea salt, which also comes in a variety of coarseness levels.

Table salt is typically mined from underground salt deposits. Table salt is more heavily processed to eliminate minerals and usually contains an additive to prevent clumping. Most table salt also has added iodine, an essential nutrient that helps maintain a healthy thyroid.

Sea salt and table salt have the same basic nutritional value, despite the fact that sea salt is often promoted as being healthier. Sea salt and table salt contain comparable amounts of sodium by weight.

Whichever type of salt you enjoy, do so in moderation.

Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D.


I personally have switched from table salt to sea salt water and have noticed a difference in the texture and flavor. I appreciate the fact that sea salt has less processing and natural minerals are left behind. 

In my opinion, less human intervention, the better.


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~What’s the Difference Between Table Salt and Sea Salt? ~

~Published on Nov 14, 2013~

The differences between table salt and sea salt explained, both in nutrition and taste.


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