To start the day …. Pure Consciousness!!

~~May 19, 2014~~


The ephemeral creation is like water and sand going though the gaps in your fingers, all the time fleeting, transitory.
Therefore it is not actually tangible.
Whether liquids, gases, or solids makes no difference — all are intangible — since they are temporary.
But the Pure Consciousness, the Immortal Light is always tangible, because it is always Existent.

~Swami Amar Jyoti~

~~Your Consciousness and the Universe~~

~~Uploaded on Apr 17, 2011~~

Microscopic nano technology reveals a never ending journey inwards. NASA telescopic imagery reveals a never ending journey outwards. Imagery from both starts to look very similar, the deeper they go. If the concept of “scale” does not exist (and therefore a greater intelligence does), then it’s possible the entire universe is you and nothing else. If time does not exist (it’s actually impossible for time to exist – since there is only “now”) then this would explain why the universe has no boundaries.

(No boundaries = no scale.)


Light of Consciousness

We ALL are ONE!!