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~~February 11, 2016~~ 


Do you want to know the truth about the current fiscal situation of Puerto Rico?

The video posted below explains it very clearly.

This is a crisis which has been on the making for more than 100 years.

The situation is dire and it seems that there’s no solution to it.

More and more, special interests and billionaires are postured to fly in, like vultures, and fight over the remnants of a beautiful country, my country.

Something needs to be done … quickly. Time is running out.

Dare we hope for a solution that will benefit the people of this country?

I often wonder.



Government of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

“It has come to our attention, that despite the request for austerity measures in the government spending, you have decided to disregard the voice and well being of the people of territory of Puerto Rico and persist to run a political status in an attempt to only benefit yourselves and your buddies operating in the territory.


The citizens of the territory of Puerto Rico requested a radical change in political status and attitude towards leadership and insisted that you serve the people rather than control them.

The current political party in power vowed for a change in politics.

That was the main reason you won the elections in 2012.

Instead, you came to power ignoring those requests and collapsed the bonds market and pension funds. Imposed new taxes, increased the cost of electricity, water, sales taxes and pushed austerity measures upon the people.

You manipulated an economic recession into a economic contraction.

Creating the of thousands of citizens out of the territory.

You bankrupted the government finances and now you come telling the people that we are all in together.

Meanwhile, you are giving the island away to the wealthy investors from out of town and avoiding austerity measures yourselves.


Now, you claimed the government debt can not be paid, due to your own lack of financial responsibility for the past years. Before you make that decision, you should take a look at the outcome from not paying your debt.

Go back in time and look what happened in Argentina in early 2000’s. And take a look what is going on in Greece today. Total collapse in their financial banking systems, social chaos and hunger.

It that what you want for your citizens?

Clearly the system has failed us. Unemployment has skyrocket. Proven with evidence, people get more benefits from welfare that from working.

Enough is enough.

There are ways to pay the government debt and avoid this upcoming turmoil. Clearly those are not the government intentions.

But the question is: Who is benefiting from this decision? You disregard the request of the people and continue to operate for your own benefits and gains.

The revolution has begun.



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We claim to resolve our political status and full transparency in all financial transactions from now on. We request government cuts in all areas. It’s size and all it’s spending. We stand firm in our right for a government for the people by the people.

Actions must speak louder that words.

We must see austerity in all aspect of the governmental branches as soon as of today. In case you disregard our claims for change, you are only ignoring the voice of the people who voted for you in the first place.

You are making an enemy out of us and we will stand united at your oppression.”

We are Anonymous.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
We are legion.
Expect us.


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~~Message to the Government of Puerto Rico~~

~~Published on Jul 2, 2015~~

Greetings citizens of the World.
We are Anonymous.


“If Puerto Rico were a state, there wouldn’t be any question about it,” Jeffrey Farrow, a former adviser on Puerto Rico policy to President Bill Clinton, said of the island’s mounting debt crisis. “If it were a nation, it wouldn’t have to worry about US federal rules, and then it could try to develop its own economy.”

But Puerto Rico is neither a state nor a country.

It’s technically a commonwealth, a status given to it in 1950 by the US government, which allowed it to draft a constitution and elect its own officials. But even its commonwealth status is unique.

Virginia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky are all commonwealths, but they have the full power of states.

That’s not the case for this island of 3.6 million, which is, essentially, a colony, subject to the full control of the US Congress. The nature of its relationship with the federal government has left it with few options as it grapples with $72 billion in outstanding obligations that its governor, Alejandro García Padilla, says is “not payable.”

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We ALL are ONE!! 

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