To start the day …. “Double Trouble”!!


~~June 24, 2014~~ 

I would like to introduce my black cat to you. I have already posted about her. Here she is again, in case you missed it.

The reason I’m posting about her today is because I’m including a video that a friend posted on my Facebook timeline and she mentioned that it was just like “Double Trouble” (aka “Kitty”).

Thank you Melanie … for this “pearl” of a video!


I found Kitty on the doorstep of a friend. She was friendly and cuddly from the start. That night, I left her behind but couldn’t get her out of my find. The following day. I went for her hoping that she still be there … and she was. She came home with me.

I would say she’s only about 6-8 months old.

Am I happy with this decision? Yes, but she’s quite the handful. 


How could you not love this face?

She runs all around the house like a maniac. She climbs like a panther. She likes to look out the window. She attacks your legs as you walk back. She has eaten the cable behind the TV that connects the sound bar. She has broken the cords that control the movement of several blinds. She gets in the way, she finds places to hide. She’s very good with the grand kids and she’s very social.

She has been spayed because in the short time she was home, she was in heat twice.

I have expected some calming down in her “manners”. She has in a bit calmed down. However there are days …..

This video could have been made with her as inspiration! 

~~A Cat’s Guide to Loving a Human~~

~~Uploaded February 3, 2014~~

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