To start the day …. “String of Thought”- Trailer …. simply beautiful”!!


~~October 7, 2015~~ 


Phoenix Ballet presents Gisele Bethea and Michal Wozniak

The video speaks for itself.

Take a look.

Inspiring, impressive and simply beautiful.



Gisele Bethea is a young ballerina who is a rising star in the world of ballet

She was born on January 31, 1999, and started dancing at the age of four. She admits that she didn’t get serious about ballet until she was 10 years old. At age 14, she was the youngest ever invited to compete and then win a silver medal at the Moscow International Ballet Competition (IBC) in 2013.

She won the Youth Grand Prix Award at the Youth America Grand Prix Finals (student ballet scholarship competition) and competed in the World Ballet Competition USA in 2013. At the USA IBC in 2014, she won a gold medal in the junior division. She received a full scholarship to the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School at American Ballet Theatre. She also was offered a spot with the American Ballet Theatre’s Studio Company. The company dancers usually range in age from 16 to 20. She was only 15. She deferred for one year in order to be able to graduate from high school first. She has been invited to guest perform in Poland, Austria, Turkey, and Brazil during 2015.

Bethea lives in Arizona and studies at the Master Ballet Academy in Scottsdale, where she has studied since she turned 12 years old. She now competes in pas de deux. She is the daughter of John and Heidi Bethea and is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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~”String of Thought” Trailer~

Phoenix Ballet presents Gisele Bethea and Michal Wozniak

~Published on Apr 5, 2015~

Choreographed for Phoenix Ballet by Albert Blaise Cattafi with music by Gabriel Royal.
featuring Gisele Bethea and Michal Wozniak.
Filmed and edited by Ryan Riggs.


We ALL are ONE!! 


At the end of the day …. Alex Boye: “I will rise”!!


~~September 9, 2014~~ 

It was yesterday when I found this artist’s videos. As I listened to his version of “Let it Go”, I realized I had seen him before. He was featured in a YouTube video by The Piano Guys called “Paradise/Peponi”. It was an incredible surprise to find that Alex Boye is another sensation on YouTube reaching millions of viewers. 

This is a video fit to end the day. 

I normally don’t post topics related to god but this production gave me chills as I listened to it. It’s majestic, impressive, inspiring, motivational, very well done and a musical success. 


“As it appears in …. “

Alex Boyé (born 1970) is a British-born Mormon singer and actor of Nigerian descent.

~~Early life~~

Boye was raised in a Tottenham council area that has been described as ‘tough’. He converted to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) at age 16.


~~Professional life~~

Boyé first performed in public while serving as a missionary for the LDS Church in Bristol, England. After completing his mission, he became a backing dancer. Among those who he performed with in this role was George Michael.

In 1995, he formed and became the lead singer of the European boy band “Awesome“. They performed at local dances and other small venues until 1996 when they won a vocal competition on Capital Radio, London’s largest radio station. Universal Records of Europe signed Awesome to a five-album recording contract. Awesome released three singles off their first album, Rumors, which made top-10 charts all across Europe.


~~Personal life~~

Boyé’s mother and father are Nigerian. While pregnant, Boyé’s mother went to London while his father remained in Nigeria. He was born in England and returned to Nigeria to live with his father for the first few years of his life. His mother remarried and worked for the London Underground, cleaning tracks at night. Boyé was raised in the Tottenham Court neighborhood. He spent much of his youth in foster homes with Caucasian parents. As a teenager, he listened to the music of Motown, including artists Stevie Wonder, Kool and the Gang, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Jackie Wilson and Otis Redding. When he was 16, Boyé was working in a McDonald’s in London when he was introduced to the LDS Church by a manager. He was baptised soon afterward, without his mother’s knowledge.

Boyé met his wife, Julie, in an LDS singles ward and they were married in the Salt Lake Temple. They have three children, Adanna, Zander and India. In 2009, Boye began raising money to buy a house for a local refugee family with sales of his single, “Crazy for You.”

On 22 February 2012, Boyé became a United States citizen in a ceremony at the Rose Wagner Theater in Salt Lake City. Boyé was surprised when he was invited by the judge conducting the ceremony to sing The Star-Spangled Banner.


~~I Will Rise (Emi Yo Leke) ft. Later Days Choir~~

~~Mormons are the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints~~


~~Published on Apr 6, 2012~~

“On the morning of Friday 2nd of March, I was invited to perform for a group of students at the Institute of Religion at Utah Valley University in Orem Utah. It will be a day that will not easy be forgotten. Before I got up to give my presentation, a choir filed neatly into position behind me and began to sing. From the first note, all my senses were grabbed hold upon by a heavenly sound that left me breathless. I had to do a 360 turn to see who it was singing. I didn’t take my eyes off them until they had finished. By the end, I was overcome with tears. It’s lucky i don’t wear mascara.

During the musical presentation, I felt a strong witness of the spirit, telling me i needed to take this choir to the studio and record the song they sang with them.

Thanks to Utah valley University Institute of Religion for allowing me to hijack 70 choir members who all boarded the bus at 3.15 am and traveled over 150 miles to arrive in time to shoot at first light.”


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We ALL are ONE!! 


We ALL will RISE!!