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~~December 15, 2016~~ 


March 14, 1788

Federalist No. 68 (Federalist Number 68), the sixty-eighth essay of The Federalist Papers, was probably written by Alexander Hamilton and published on March 12, 1788 under the pseudonym Publius – the name under which all The Federalist Papers were published. Since all were written under this one pseudonym, we can never be certain of the authorships.

Entitled “The Mode of Electing the President,” the essay describes Hamilton’s perspective on the process of selecting the Chief Executive of the United States of America. In writing this essay, Hamilton sought to convince the people of New York of the merits of the proposed Constitution.

Federalist Number 68 is the second in a series of eleven essays discussing the powers and limitations of the Executive branch but the only one to describe the method of selecting a president.

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Keith Olbermann’s series called “The Resistance” continue.

I still feel this is important information about what is ahead and what we need to be aware of.

I’ll try to stay updated with his postings and share them with you.

He posted #13 yesterday.

And no one out there is concerned yet?

If they resonate with you, good.

If they don’t, just scroll away to the next blog.

Thank you!




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~~Hamilton’s Plan to Keep Trump From Becoming President~~

The Resistance with Keith Olbermann

~~Published on Dec 14, 2016~~

The Electoral College was designed to prevent just this sort of emergency.



We ALL are ONE!!