Something to think about …. “Sacred Burial Grounds …. no difference …. “!!


~~October 25, 2016~~ 


Double Standards

Why can’t all see that there is no difference between one and the other?

Why continue the destruction/decimation of a nation?

Why the lack of respect?

Because the white man has always felt to be above anyone other than himself.

The disconnect is obvious.

The disparity in full few.

It’s time to correct it.

Will humanity be able to do so?



Dave Meyers is the owner of 8,100 acres that the DAPL pipeline will be crossing to get to the Missouri River or Lake Oahe. During the last week of August, he was wondering if there was any Indian graves that might be disturbed by the construction of the pipeline.

To satisfy his curiosity, he asked Tim Mentz to assess the “corridor” route that was going to be used to host the buried pipeline. Dave Meyers was fully aware that an environmental assessment (EI) had been performed by the State Historic Preservation Office, however, these are non-Indian experts, whereas, Tim owns a company called Makoche Wowapi. His business consults Tribes regarding their archeological inheritance.

In addition, Tim previously worked as a Tribal and State Historic Preservation Officer since 1985.

With Tim’s knowledge and skill, he walked the area as allowed.


On Sunday, August 29, 2016, Tim and his sons found 82 significant historical marking, of which 27 were grave locations.

“ We found two places where rocks were set in a circular pattern with openings to the west, as well as other effigy designs.” Every site was professionally identified and precisely charted by computer for exact location by GPS.

To the untrained eye, walking the prairie on Mr. Meyer’s property everywhere is tall grass with some stone outcroppings now and then, but Tim Mentz’s trained eyes discovered shapes that just could not have happened in nature.

In fact, the stones had to be placed by the hand of thinking men. Intelligent men, who wanted to convey a story or to leave traditions of significance for the people.

…. and there is more!

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