To start the day ….. Don’t look back!!

~~May 27, 2014~~ 

We can see the path ahead of us. Our journey continues in front of us. The past is behind. There’s no reason to look back because the past is already done.

Ahead of us is opportunity, beginnings, new experiences, many chances. Don’t look back …. leave all that has been experienced behind. Do bring with you the good things and the lessons learned. Anything that had no value, anything that is heavy on the soul, leave behind. Start anew with the fresh thought of the future. 

With determination, hard work, truthfulness … the brass ring is within reach. It’s yours, come get it.

Choose happiness. Be happy!! 

~~Happy – Pentatonix~~

(Pharrell Cover)

~~Published on Mar 17, 2014~~


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We ALL are ONE!!