Trae Crowder, the Liberal Redneck …. “Drumpf’s Republican Administration Revokes Trans Student Guidelines …. “!!


~~February 25, 2017~~ 

Drumpf/Republican Administration Revokes Trans Student Guidelines

By this time, I suspect, most of the country is aware of the decision made by the current administration.

This is  a thorny topic.

I’m aware that some aren’t capable of understanding the ripple effect after such a decision.

Trae Crowder does an awesome job in bringing this reality to the level of many who don’t get it.

Let him explain it better!



Trae Crowder, the Liberal Redneck, has something to say about how Drumpf is going out of his way to make life more difficult for transgender people

The states’ rights argument is particularly shitty in this case, because the crux of that argument is you can choose to live in a state that reflects your personal values, but if you’re a transgender teenager in Montgomery, you can’t just uproot and leave Alabama because the fat dip-shit two lockers down from you is afraid of the future.

That ain’t how it works!
As he suggests, right-wingers always have a new group to hate on, and they keep at it until it starts to hurt their own numbers. All the more reason to hammer home the fact that conservative Christianity is now synonymous with bigotry.

And Christians who are silent or supportive of them are complicit in the problem.

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Last year, while Barack Obama was president, the Education and Justice Departments issued the guidelines, saying among other things that transgender students should be called by their preferred names and pronouns, and have access to the restrooms, locker rooms, and other single-sex facilities that correspond with their gender identity.

The guidelines are nonbinding, but the Obama administration had warned that schools not following them could be found in violation of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which prohibits sex discrimination, and face a loss of federal funding.

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~~Trump and Trans~~

Liberal Redneck

~~Published on Feb 24, 2017~~

Almost a year after my first video, this is still a god damn issue for some reason.

Book, tour, book tour, etc:


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Thoughts for today, #463 …. “Fluent …. Some Americans don’t understand the concept …. “!!


~~February 4, 2017~~ 


It seems that some Americans have a problem with people speaking another language besides English.

Somehow the idea that it is more helpful, not to say, a sign of higher educational level,

speaking a language besides English, in some areas in America, may be looked totally insulting.

I speak from personal experience.

I worked with the federal government for many years. I moved to Florida in 1999 and experienced this fact. Folks I worked with minded the times I spoke in Spanish, my main language.

Being fluent in both, I had to mispronounce my name so that Americans understood it.

It’s still the case to this day!



7 Benefits Of Being Bilingual or Speaking More Than One Language


You’ll Be Smarter

You’ll Have More Job Opportunities

It’ll Help Protect Against Dementia in Your Old Age

It Will Keep You in the Know

You’ll Get To Try on Different Personalities

You’ll Boost Your Memory

You’ll Enjoy Other Cultures Even More


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Jimmy Fallon ….. “On the Orlando Nightclub Shooting …. “!!


~~June 14, 2016~~ 


Jimmy Fallon addresses Orlando shooting

‘We need to support each other’s differences’

The Tonight Show
Posted June 14 2016 — 7:45 AM EDT

This weekend’s night club shooting in Orlando was still fresh in everyone’s minds when America’s late-night hosts returned from their weekend break on Monday night, June 13. An emotional Jimmy Fallon addressed the events in his opening monologue on The Tonight Show.

“Maybe there’s a lesson in all this. A lesson in tolerance,” he said. “We need to support each other’s differences and worry less about our own opinions.

Get back to debate, and away from believing or supporting the idea that if someone doesn’t live the way you want them to live, you just buy a gun and kill them.

We need to get back to being brave enough to accept that we have different opinions, and that’s okay, because that’s what America is built on.

The idea that we can speak up and live our lives and not be punished for that, or mocked on the internet, or killed by someone you don’t know.”


Fallon also had some specific words for the Orlando community.

“When I think of Orlando, I think of nothing but fun and joy and families,” Fallon said.

“If anyone can do it, you can.

Keep loving each other, keep respecting each other, and keep on dancing.”


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~~Jimmy Fallon Addresses Orlando Nightclub Shooting~~

~~Published on Jun 13, 2016~~

Jimmy shares his thoughts in the wake of the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida.


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To start the day …. “MEDICAL CORNER …. Short, to the point …. “!!


~~June 5, 2016~~ 


This isn’t anything new.

It’s been the reality of many American families, kept in secret for the stigma it brings.

Losing well known personalities to this addiction should bring the topic to the forefront for further discussion.

Recognizing this as a medical condition is mandatory.

Treatment should be available, not only to well known personalities but also to the common “Joe“.

Big Pharma seems to be working to make a fortune on treatment for this condition.

This should be stopped.

American citizens need help not secrecy, price gouging or stigmatization.



Prince, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Heath Ledger all died from opioid overdoses

Toxicology results are in.

Prince died from an opioid overdose. He became just one of thousands of Americans who have fallen victim to prescription painkillers. Since 1999, the number of opioid-related deaths have nearly quadrupled.

Opioids – whether prescription painkillers or heroin – reduce the perception of pain and create feelings of pleasure. They are highly addictive. Over time, the body’s opioid receptors become accustomed to the drug; users may need to take a higher dose to get the same euphoric feelings and stave off withdrawal. When taken in excess, opioids can kill users by depressing their ability to breathe.

And as the Boston Globe reports, the United States is dealing with two inter-related drug abuse epidemics: One for prescription pills, and one for heroin.


“As it appears in …. full read/full credit”

Will Prince finally get us talking about the prescription pill epidemic in America?



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Prince, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Heath Ledger all died from opioid overdoses.

Here’s how it starts:

~~Why Opioids Are Killing So Many Americans~~

~~Published on Jun 3, 2016~~

Opioid addiction has killed a quarter of a million American in the past 15 years. And it often begins with a legal prescription from a doctor.


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To start the day …. “A New Kind of Prom Date”!!


~~May 8, 2015~~ 

This gives me hope.

There seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. There’s hope in the young generation.

Maybe there won’t be any issue with them and being gay will be as accepted as being left-handed.

Dare I hope? I wish I was there to witness it.



Grab a tissue and watch this tearjerker video of Ellen hosting the two male high school students – one gay, one straight – who are going to their prom together because they’re best friends.

Anthony Martinez didn’t have a date for the prom. What his straight friend Jacob Lescenski did about that surprised everyone.

Ellen knew she had to hear their incredible story.


“You’re hella gay, I’m hella str8, but you’re like my brother so be my d8!,” Jacob wrote on a sign happily held by friends.

Those friends and many more rented a bus to join Anthony and Jacob on Wednesday on “The Ellen Show,” where Ellen DeGeneres interviewed the best friends and commended them for being great role models.

She also handed each of them a $10,000 check for their education, to help reinforce and show the world that gay or straight, nothing beats friendship.

Grab a tissue and watch this awesome video!


Ellen DeGeneres had a generous surprise in store this week for the gay-straight “couple” whose colorful proposal went viral last week in the blogosphere.

DeGeneres rewarded Jacob Lescenski and Anthony Martinez, who are juniors at the Desert Oasis High School in Las Vegas, Nevada, with a check for $10,000 each for the headline-making gesture.

“I just wanted to say I know that there are some schools out there that don’t support this and wouldn’t allow this to happen and it’s really a shame because prom is very important to a lot of people,”

she gushed in the interview, video of which can be found.



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Lescenski, who is straight, revealed that he was initially apprehensive after he learned that the openly gay Martinez had a crush on him.

Still, the two struck up a seemingly unlikely friendship.

“At first I was kinda scared,” he said in the interview. “I didn’t support gay rights then, but I also wasn’t against them … [but] Anthony, actually, was the reason that I began to support gay rights. He’s such a convincing person, he can convince anyone of anything. He’s such a great speaker.”

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~~A New Kind of Prom Date~~

~~Published on Apr 30, 2015~~

Anthony Martinez didn’t have a date for the prom. What his straight friend Jacob Lescenski did about that surprised everyone. Ellen knew she had to hear their incredible story.


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Congrats, Florida …. dare I believe??


~~August 27, 2014~~

Is there still a but or is Florida now the most recent domino to fall?

Pinch me!!

Does it mean that the whole state of Florida has chosen the “right side of history“? Dare I stop holding my breath? Is this another crumb or is this for real?

Is this final? Is it the whole state or just piece-meal, county by county?

There’s been a slow, northward creeping wave, starting in Key West, confirming that this ban is unconstitutional. However, we know that the justice system is as slow as molasses. Now the appeals process begin.

Where do we stand?


Federal Court Rules that Florida Ban on Marriage for Same-Sex Couples is Unconstitutional

~As it appears in …. ~

Today, August 8, 2014, a federal district court judge in Tallahassee held that Florida’s discriminatory marriage ban is unconstitutional. The ruling applies both to granting marriage licenses to same-sex couples in Florida and the recognition of the marriages of same-sex couples performed outside of the state. Florida is now the 16th state in which a federal court has struck down a marriage ban as unconstitutional since the ACLU’s victory in U.S. v. Windsor.



~From the judge’s decision~

“Liberty, tolerance, and respect are not zero-sum concepts. Those who enter opposite-sex marriages are harmed not at all when others, including these plaintiffs, are given the liberty to choose their own life partners and are shown the respect that comes with formal marriage.”

The judge’s decision
“We are thrilled that these loving and committed couples will soon have the same protections and security for their families that other married couples have,” stated Daniel Tilley, the ACLU of Florida’s staff attorney for LGBT rights. “Florida’s refusal to recognize their marriages serves no legitimate purpose and is hurtful to Florida families. We’re very pleased to see the ban held unconstitutional in such unequivocal terms so that all Florida families will soon finally have the same protections.”


SAVE is pleased as a plaintiff in the ACLU’s marriage recognition lawsuit to have received a favorable ruling in court today,” stated SAVE Executive Director Tony Lima. “We are overjoyed that the judge ruled on the side of fairness by ordering the state of Florida recognize the legal marriages of the plaintiffs.  SAVE will continue to make the case that it is Florida’s responsibility to recognize the legal marriages of same-sex couples.”

Florida is now the 16th state in which a federal court has struck down a marriage ban as unconstitutional since the ACLU’s victory in U.S. v. Windsor, in which the Supreme Court struck down the main provision of the federal Defense of Marriage Act.  The court’s decision was stayed, with one exception — the requirement that the death certificate of plaintiff Arlene Goldberg’s late wife, Carol Goldwasser, be corrected to list Ms. Goldberg as surviving spouse.

The plaintiffs in the ACLU of Florida’s case are represented by attorneys for the ACLU and the ACLU of Florida, as well as Stephen Rosenthal of the Podhurst Orseck law firm.

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We met in 1969. It was love at first sight. Then life happened and we went down different journeys. Re-united in 1996. Have been together since. We have a family and a stable relationship.

See how long we have waited?

I live and love in Florida.

Love is love …. 



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Jen Foster


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