Trae Crowder, the Liberal Redneck …. “Trumpcare …. Jason Chaffetz …. and the iPhone …. Dude? …. “!!


~~March 13, 2017~~ 

American Health Care Act

~Repeal and Replace~

How many times have we heard this?

First of all, please excuse the language.

There are times when one has to get graphic to get the point across some thick heads.

I think this is one such topic.

Trae Crowder does an awesome job in bringing this reality to the level of many who don’t get it.

Let him explain it better!



Liberal Redneck Comes for ‘Anus Polisher’ Jason Chaffetz and Drumpfcare

Liberal Redneck Trae Crowder contemplated not talking about Drumpfcare because it’s so “profoundly terrible that even most Republicans hate it.”

Says Crowder

“This thing is the shi**y Independence Day sequel of health care laws.”

Crowder also comes for “senior Drumpf administration anus polisher Jason Chaffetz” and his remarks about choosing between health care and an iPhone.

“That sh*t is like telling somebody that if they can’t afford their work truck payment this month then maybe they shouldn’t have bought those blue jeans back in October … the cost of an iPhone won’t get you two aspirins and a slap on the ass in an American hospital … Will somebody explain to this dude that a smartphone hasn’t been a luxury item in this country in ten damn years … you can’t hardly live without a smartphone in modern America. It’s a shitty choice to have to make, and that’s the thing. These people don’t know anything about making hard choices.”


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LAB Pro Lib

Promise Kept.

Good deal for the rich; bad deal for the poor and elderly.

People will be dying.


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Liberal Redneck

~~Published on Mar 13, 2017~~

The GOP’s replacement for Obamacare is hilariously terrible, but that’s mostly because of the new iPhone. Or some shit.


We ALL are ONE!! 


Something to think about …. “Michigan’s Governor … R. Snyder”!!


~~January 7, 2016~~ 


I have been following this story since Rachel Maddow brought it to the forefront before any news outlet, program, shows or journalists were getting involved in this topic.

The decisions made by the “emergency managers” in the city of Flint, selected by Governor Snyder,  have confirmed a high-jacking of democracy in that state.

They have virtually done irreversible harm to the children of the city of Flint. I was waiting for any action or response from Mr. Michael Moore.

Here it is.

He doesn’t disappoint!

Michael Moore says 

““You have effectively poisoned, not just some, but apparently ALL of the children in my hometown of Flint, Michigan. And for that, you have to go to jail.”

Please take a look. It happened there, it could happen anywhere.



I wrote a letter calling for the arrest of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder for poisoning the people of Flint.

Read it here, sign the petition, and please share!


Michael Moore

Flint native
Michigan resident and voter


Dear Attorney General Lynch

We, the undersigned, call upon you to investigate and, if warranted, arrest and prosecute the Governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, for violating the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations in cutting off clean drinking water to the city of Flint and making the citizens, instead, drink polluted water from the Flint River; for fraud and political corruption; and for covering up the criminal actions of his administration.

The children of Flint, already amongst the poorest in the U.S., will now have to endure a life of pain, irreversible brain damage and lower IQ’s because of Governor Snyder’s actions. There is no way to totally reverse the effects of lead in a child’s blood stream.

At the very least, justice must be served — and other elected officials must be put on notice, by the actions you will take against the Governor, that people’s lives are more important than balancing a budget.

For the complete text of Mr. Moore’s letter, visit Mr. Moore’s link:





Michael Moore’s Facebook Page


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We ALL are connected through HUMANITY!!


We ALL are ONE!! 


The graphic says it all …. feeling foolish yet?


~~March 1, 2015~~ 


No, Being Gay Is Not a Choice …. as well as being black isn’t a choice either.

This is a topic very close to my heart, as many of you may know. I have seen this before circulating through cyberspace. Every time I see it, I wonder about the anatomy and functioning of the brain of any person who may write something similar or even think this way.

In my humble opinion it does a huge dis-service to the LGBT community as well as the Black community.

There can’t be anyone in this whole wide world who would willingly choose to life a lifestyle where they are singled out as being anything but normal.

Homosexual members of society can unfortunately expect to regularly be challenged, scrutinized and condemned by belligerent type who are seemingly convinced that homosexuality is a “lifestyle choice”.

There is overt discrimination, persecution and even death.



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We ALL are ONE!!