To start the day …. “Post It: Handicapped Parking Prank”!!


~~July 16, 2015~~ 


Tiago Fonseca isn’t speaking Spanish.

It sounds Portuguese to me but I am no expert.

There are some words that can be understood if you speak Spanish. Sometimes understanding words aren’t needed to get a message across.

This is a perfect example of actions speaking louder than words.

As an owner of a handicapped permit, I’ve seen this too frequently. As I have gotten older, my body is showing the “wear and tear” of aging. I’m fortunate enough to still have comfortable mobility. I know that there are others in worse condition.

The message I see is that these “reserved spots” need to be respected. There are fines and maybe towing.

However, nothing better than this prank.

(If anyone understands this language, please, write the basic message in the comments. Thank you.)



A disabled parking permit, also known as a handicapped permit, disabled placard, disabled badge and “Blue Badge” in the European Union, is displayed upon parking a vehicle carrying a person whose mobility would be otherwise significantly impaired by one or more of age, illness, disability or infirmity.

The permit allows exemption from street-parking charges in some places and is used to park within dedicated disabled parking spaces reserved for people who have satisfied requirements to receive the placard.


The abuse and/or misuse of disabled parking permits has been identified as a major problem in the US, with some estimates indicating the majority seen on the street are used or obtained fraudulently. The substantial privilege and convenience granted by a permit provides a major incentive to use one illegally or obtain one fraudulently, and medical privacy law often confounds attempts to identify truly disabled individuals from abuses.

Abuse most often occurs under the following circumstances

A non-disabled driver using the vehicle, plate or placard of another person who is disabled without transporting that person. This often occurs with family members of disabled people.
Forging a physician’s signature on the form submitted to the motor vehicle department.
Bribing a physician to submit the form for the motor vehicle department.
Feigning or exaggerating symptoms of a medical condition in order to convince a physician to submit the form.

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Post It …. Handicapped Parking Prank

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