To start the day …. “I’m thankful for solitude”!!

~~November 9, 2014~~ 

From the Mind of an Introvert …
“I am Thankful for Solitude!”

… And given a little solitude and time to process deeply, thoroughly, sensitively and mindfully, the way introverts do, you will be amazed with what we come up with, for everyone’s benefit, and how we can shine. We are half of the US population, most of us in denial about our introversion, because we have been told to be different, more outgoing, louder and quicker our whole lives in order to survive in our fast-paced, quick-fix, glamor-oriented society.

It is time to raise awareness, not to diagnose anyone, nor create separation, rather, to generate mutual acceptance, especially for the sake of our children, and realize the immense benefits of extroverts and introverts working together brilliantly, the way we are meant to.

~~Sus Kongsbak Larsen~~


“As it appears in … “


I don’t intend to present solutions to the problems of the world. I seek to find solutions to the problems in my world. I yearn for solution, for peace, for quiet, for joy, for completion, for wholeness. 

Solitude brings these feelings. Yet, at the same time …. it can be lonely. 


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❊Solitude ~ Karunesh❊


We ALL are ONE!!