Breaking: Crist Urges Scott to Declare FL Will Not Challenge Marriage Ruling!!


~~August 29, 2014~~ 

This I have to post “verbatim” … this is how important this is!! I must confess that I’m not a fan of either Rick Scott or Charlie Crist.

People in Florida voted last Tuesday, August 26, 2014. Charlie Crist won the primary for his party. He will be one of the candidates on the next election. If Mr. Crist can get this done I will have to give him lots of credit. 


“As it appears on … “

Crist Urges Scott to Declare That Florida Will Not Challenge
Latest Federal Decision on Marriage for All

St. Petersburg, FlaCharlie Crist, the People’s Governor, sent a letter to Governor Rick Scott today urging him to declare that Florida will not challenge the latest federal ruling on marriage for all issued by U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle. Letter included below.


Dear Governor Scott:

Four years ago, a district court of appeals ruled Florida’s ban on gay and lesbian adoption unconstitutional. When the ruling came down, I believed it was my job as Governor to exercise the authority vested in me by the people and our Constitution. The day the judge ruled, I declared Florida’s adoption ban over. Gay and lesbian parents began adopting the children they loved immediately.

It is one of my proudest moments as an elected official.


Last Thursday Federal District Judge Robert Hinkle gave you the same chance to speak out for what is right when, in a ruling that would apply statewide, he struck down Florida’s ban on same sex marriage. By declaring the marriage ban finished you could discourage any future appeals and end the nightmare that loving same sex couples all across our state endure every single day, ending court battles that could drag on for months or years

Courts throughout Florida are endorsing the principle that government ought not deprive an entire class of citizens the right to marry simply because of whom they love. Florida deserves a governor who will stand up for all of the people of this state.


You have the power to end the suffering of people like Arlene Goldberg. Last March, Arlene lost her wife and partner of 47 years, Carol Goldwasser. At a moment of enormous and understandable grief, Arlene had to suffer the humiliation of not being listed as Carol’s wife on the death certificate. Even worse, she lost her home because she was denied the social security benefits they had earned.

When faced with a very similar decision four years ago I did what I believed was best for Florida and best for the thousands of children waiting to be adopted by loving parents.

Today, I urge you to do what’s best for Floridians and declare the state will not be challenging Judge Hinkle’s Order or any other orders supporting the rights of all Floridians to marry.


Charlie Crist



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