Something to think about …. “The Wall, 20% tariff …. all on us, taxpayer …. “!


~~January 27, 2017~~ 


So many things about his wall are completely idiotic

( … and remember, he doesn’t pay taxes … )

First, US taxpayers will be footing the bill for initial construction, and paying for it again when Drumpf puts a 20% tax on incoming Mexican goods.

Second, while the wall is being built, there will continue to be undocumented immigrants coming here, as a 20% tax will affect the Mexican economy negatively.

Third, his plan to deport 12 million people (that’s 8000 a day, everyday for 4 yrs) is gonna cost how much?

Taxpayers will pay for that as well.

Fourth, when all the undocumented workers the California produce industry depends on to maintain profit margins are gone, whose gonna work those fields?

Drumpf has approached the symptoms of the problem in the most simplistic way which seemed to appeal to his supporters.

The problem is not simple.

Until we address the economic conditions in Mexico, the border problem will continue. A wall will not stop illegal immigration.

Its just another Trump construction project he can hang his name on and get others to pay for it.


Mike A.

~my very dearest friend~



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George Gennette

Not just pay for i. We will pay for it twice. If Congress pays for it now and use the 20% tax to reimburse us we pay double. The cost of the goods to get the tax will just go up by 20% meaning we pay the tax also.


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Each attack …. “Latino Man: HOMBRE …. one perfect response …. #2”!!


~~October 24, 2016~~ 


Carolina Moreno
Editor, The Huffington Post

On Wednesday, October 19, when moderator Chris Wallace asked Trump about immigration policy and reform, he began, as he often does, painting undocumented immigrants as violent criminals. (Despite research repeatedly proving native born citizens are more likely to be linked to violent crime than immigrants.)

Then the GOP nominee moved on to drugs, drug lords and, again, the need to deport “bad people”:

We’ll get them out, secure the border, and once the border is secured, at a later date we’ll make a determination as to the rest. But we have some bad hombres here and we’re going to get them out.

Politics aside, the language Trump uses is just as important as what he is, or rather isn’t, saying. Sure he’s repeatedly spoken about immigrants as if they were a biblical plague of sombrero-wearing, mustachioed criminals yelling “arriba! arriba!” as they run across the border with taco bowls filled with drugs.

But on Wednesday night he turned to Spanish to make his point. 


When Trump casually used “bad hombres” that night, what he was trying to do was use our own language against us.

Off-the-cuff or not, that’s just all sorts of WRONG! … to put it in the Donald’s own language.

While many reacted with quips and memes to Trump’s awkward use of “bad hombres,” what I heard was a corruption of something I felt to be mine. My mother’s tongue, the language in which I uttered my first word as a child, the language that feels like family, culture and home in my mouth, being used by a man set on vilifying my community and immigrants.

And in this case Donald, no se puede. 

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Something to think about …. Debunked Myth …. Undocumented immigrants pay more taxes than Trump …. “!!


~~October 4, 2016~~ 


I have so-called ‘friends’ and some family members who decry the fact that those immigrants ‘are taking our resources and services we pay with our taxes without contributing to the pot.

I’ve always tried to educate them that this is not a fact.

Here is information to help with education of those who may feel that way.

They pay billions in US taxes.

So much more than one of the presidential candidates in this cycle.



‘Undocumented’ Immigrants Pay Billions in Taxes

By Andrew Soergel

Economy Reporter

March 1, 2016

Immigrants illegally in the U.S. collectively contribute nearly $12 billion each year to state and local tax coffers, according to a new report that challenges recent election cycle rhetoric.
The study from the Institute on Taxation & Economic Policy found that immigrants in the U.S. without legal permission kick in their billions in the form of income, property, sales or excise taxes.

There were roughly 11 million immigrants estimated to be in the U.S. illegally as of 2013, according to the report. And each and every state collects at least a few million dollars from tax payments made by such immigrants each year, ranging from Montana’s $2.2 million to California’s $3.2 billion.

“Regardless of the politically contentious nature of immigration reform, the data show undocumented immigrants greatly contribute to our nation’s economy, not just in labor but also with tax dollars,” Meg Wiehe, the institute’s state tax policy director, said in a statement.

The Institute on Taxation & Economic Policy‘s study found that individuals lacking legal permission to be in the U.S. consistently receive lower wages than their immigrant counterparts who are in the country legally, which inherently limits how much they pay in terms of income taxes.

The report estimates the average income of an “undocumented family” is a little more than $30,000, well below the country’s median household income of around $54,000, according to the Census Bureau.

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