The Piano Guys …. “Our Statement on our Inauguration Performance …. “!!


~~January 17, 2017~~ 


Those who have followed this blog must be aware that I have always been an ardent fan of The Piano Guys and their awesome music.

I have blogged plenty about them.

I have all their CDs. I have their sheet music.

I have some of their merchandise.

‘We haven’t changed who we are, what we stand for, or what our music means and why we write it.’

Yes, you have changed!

You have normalized something that is totally and completely wrong!

I’ve read your full statement. I respect your reasons and your decision. However, I can no longer follow you. I’ve enjoyed your music! I’ve been thrilled by your videos. I have shared all knowledge I posses about you. I’ve been on of your most ardent fans. In spite of your reasons, I’m very disappointed that you have decided to participate. It’s a real sad decision for me to ‘disconnect’ from you and your music.
Your music, your beliefs … are so elevated.

I really am very saddened by your decision.

“It brought tears to my eyes.”

Therefore, we part ways today!



(January 15, 2017)

The Piano Guys
Last night as I was kissing my daughter good night she asked me in an innocent, but tentative tone, “Daddy, why are people mad at you?

It brought tears to my eyes.

I told her that I wish I could gather up everyone angry with the Piano Guys one by one and talk with them face to face. Hear their story. Empathize with their concerns, and mourn together so we could comfort each other. We, too, are distraught and despondent over how divisive this chapter in our nation’s politics has been. We, too, want what’s best for everyone in this country. Those of you who know us, know we grew up as “nerdy” musicians and we experienced bullying firsthand.

We abhor and decry bullying.


You know that we honor our relationships with our spouses more than anything else. You know we believe women are Divinely appointed to not only equality, but also respect and chivalrous deference. You know that in our history our ancestors were refugees, driven from their homes in fear for their lives. We emphatically embrace those now in the same situation. You know we believe in loving all people, regardless of gender, race, political affiliation, country of origin, or religious background.

You know we believe that differences are meant to be celebrated, not calculated.

If you know our music, you know that we painstakingly, prayerfully write and perform it with the intention to give it the greatest potential to lift others and break down barriers, not build them.

Many have asked why we are performing at the Inauguration.


To our friends who have felt disturbed by our involvement, we want you to know that this doesn’t lessen our gratitude for what you have done for us. Not one bit. We still feel indebted to you. We love you. You give our music wings! We sincerely hope and pray for your understanding. We don’t feel right limiting our positive message only to people that believe or act the same way we do. We haven’t changed our message. We haven’t changed who we are, what we stand for, or what our music means and why we write it. We’re still doing what we’ve always done – playing for anyone who will hear our musical message with the hope that it persuades its listeners to love others.

~The Piano Guys~



“As it appears in … full read/full credit”




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We ALL are ONE!! 


‘First Amendment Defense Act’ …. “FADA …. be informed …. it’s coming …. “!!


~~December 23, 2016~~ 


Would Be ‘Devastating’ for LGBTQ Americans

Yes, it would be devastating!

After all the work, advances and attained goals, with this simple bill, the beginning of discrimination against a group of the American fabric would be openly and brazenly attacked and stripped of their human rights.

We must stand up and fight!




Earlier this month, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Senator Mike Lee of Utah, through his spokesperson, told Buzzfeed they plan to reintroduce an embattled bill that barely gained a House hearing in 2015. But this time around, they said, the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) was likely to succeed due to a Republican-controlled House and the backing of President-elect Donald Trump.

FADA would prohibit the federal government from taking “discriminatory action” against any business or person that discriminates against LGBTQ people. The act distinctly aims to protect the right of all entities to refuse service to LGBTQ people based on two sets of beliefs:

“(1) marriage is or should be recognized as the union of one man and one woman,

or (2) sexual relations are properly reserved to such a marriage.”

Ironically, the language of the bill positions the right to discriminate against one class of Americans as a “first amendment” right, and bans the government from taking any form of action to curb such discrimination – including withholding federal funds from institutions that discriminate.

FADA allows individuals and businesses to sue the federal government for interfering in their right to discriminate against LGBTQ people and would mandate the Attorney General defend the businesses.


“As it appears in … full read/full credit”



John Fugelsang Twitter Feed



Why does being legally married matter so much to the LGBT community?


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Keith Olberman …. Director Comey, Sen. Chaffetz …. and the emails …. this is important and infuriating …. “!!


~~October 31, 2016~~ 


Like so many others, you may be concerned at the state of affairs at this time.

A ‘bombshell’ fell into the American political process Friday, October 21.

I am a fan of Keith Olberman.

Let Keith explain this himself.



Trump is Right

This Email Debacle is Worse than Watergate

Donald Trump said that the controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton’s emails, specifically the recent revelation that a State Department staffer asked to change the classification level of an email from her private server, is “worse than Watergate.”

But not for the reasons he claims.



Google Images

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~~Trump is Right~~

This Email Debacle is Worse than Watergate

The Closer with Keith Olbermann  

~~Published on Oct 31, 2016~~

But not for the reasons he claims.


We ALL are ONE!! 


At the end of the day …. “OKAY …. By The Piano Guys …. “!!


~~September 20, 2016~~ 


This Is Exactly What You Need to Hear Today

I follow The Piano Guys faithfully.

I’ve even seen them perform live.

It was an amazing experience.

Scrolling through the pages of my ‘internet’,

I noticed some incredibly awesome news.

They have a new CD on the way.

Yesterday, they posted a new video.

I hope you enjoy it!




Google Images

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Story behind the song

We’ve all had that phone call. That email or that message. That conversation.

Bad news.

We’re all struggling with something – a debilitating weakness or illness. Or someone we love is barely holding on. We watch the news. We see the tweets, the Facebook posts. The YouTube comments!

We hear about hate, terror, and despair. But just because what sells, what goes “viral,” or what gets attention may try to drown out the good in the world, it doesn’t mean that goodness is gone. Just because choruses of controversy and scandal shout louder than quiet symphonies of service, it doesn’t mean that inside most of us still genuinely want happiness not only for ourselves, but also our family, our friends, and our fellow human beings.

Media can make the world look bleak.

They’ve given themselves this job description, in part because there’s a darker side on the surface of human nature that feeds on fear and cynicism. But deep down, we are beings of light. And in the end, since darkness is merely the absence of light, light will inevitably overcome dark.

This is the essence of hope. And the essence of this song.

“No matter what you’ve been through, no matter if you think you’re falling apart, it’s gonna be okay.”

Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But we believe that someday, somehow, all things will be made right.

And as the Psalm says, “They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.”


In the meantime, there are so many more things to hope for and to work at while we yearn for the outcome we want so badly – more gratitude for what we have, more love for those we’ve taken for granted, more faith in ourselves and those we hold dear, and more confidence in a Divine purpose.

We felt like the best way to spread the message of this song was to supplement our standard classically-influenced instrumental niche with a more pop-driven tune featuring Al’s superb vocal skills.

As Oscar Hammerstein once said:

“It is a modern tragedy that despair has so many spokesmen, and hope so few.”

Please share this song with someone you think might need it today.

Thank you!

The Piano Guys

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This Is Exactly What You Need to Hear Today – OKAY



Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson, Paul Anderson, and Al van der Beek



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This Is Exactly What You Need to Hear Today

The Piano Guys


“Okay” written by Andy Grammar and Dave Bassett
The Piano Guys Arrangement produced and written by Al van der Beek & Steven Sharp Nelson
Performed by The Piano Guys:
Al: Vocals
Jon Schmidt: Piano
Steven Sharp Nelson: Cello, cello percussion


We ALL are ONE!! 


LINDSEY STIRLING …. First Single New Album …. “The ARENA” …. “!!


~~June 30, 2016~~


Drops the first single


JUNE 28, 2016

American violinist, dancer, performance artist, singer and composer Lindsey Stirling is ready to start the promotion of her third studio album “Brave Enough“, due out on August 19th via her own imprint Lindseystomp Records.

The first official single is the song “The Arena“, which was released along the pre-order of the album on iTunes on June 28th.

The same day, the singer also premiered the music video to support this new single and first taste of this new era.

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”


After teasing the release of her forthcoming third studio album, Lindsey Stirling has dropped the first single in June 28, titled “The Arena.”

The music is noticeably more powerful and poignant than a lot of her previous work, making use of strong drum work and more electronic influence in the bassline and backing synths.

The music video also works to present a stronger Lindsey Stirling herself, as the concept of an “arena” and the motif of a post-apocalyptic wasteland battleground are surely settings in which only the strong survive.

The album: Brave Enough.

We ALL are connected through MUSIC!!


Lindsey’s dance partner in the video is also a professional dancer and has appeared on Dancing With The Stars, Derek Hough.

The album, entitled Brave Enough, is now available for pre-order and will release on August 19.

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”

Lindsey Stirling Drops The First Single To Her New Album



Google Images

Getty Images

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~~The Arena~~

Lindsey Stirling

~~Published on Jun 28, 2016~~

Pre-order #BraveEnough on iTunes in the US for an instant download of “The Arena.” Album out worldwide 8/19!


We ALL are ONE!!


At the end of the day …. “Oldtown Funk”!!


~~March 2, 2015~~ 

Forget Mark Ronson’s ‘Uptown Funk‘ – It’s All About ‘Oldtown Funk‘ Now!

Seeing the ‘Uptown Funk‘ video recreated by some SERIOUSLY cool old people will make your day.



Just when you thought ‘Uptown Funk’ couldn’t get ANY better … someone got a bunch of AMAZING seniors to recreate the now iconic music video by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, and there aren’t enough words to describe how good it is.

Everything from the outfits to the locations have been painstakingly recreated, as the seniors dance and jive their way through the Vodafone Big Top 40 number one hit. 

Made up of the Genesis Band and the Dancing Grandmas from Utah, who’s ages range from 65 to 92, things have been taken SERIOUSLY old school with this one.


Extra points go to the ninety plus year-old woman who drops down to do the splits halfway through.

We salute you!

“As it appears in …. “



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~~Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars~~

Uptown Funk “Oldtown Cover” ft. Alex Boye’, & The Dancing Grannies

~~Published on Feb 24, 2015~~

Many Thanks to my funky seniors!

All the Grandmas and Grandpas in this video did their own stunts.
They range in age from 65-92! Between them, they have raised 500 children, 1,200 grandchildren, and 250 great grandchildren!!

~Genesis Band~

Dennis Pegues
Don Harwell
James Shepphard
Natalie Shepphard
Eddie Gist

Featuring : Jean Elliots “Golden Girls” (The Dancing Grandmas)
These beautiful ladies are well known in the Utah area for performing popular dance routines at Half-time Basketball games.

Thanks so much for everybody involved in this video, even those who came to just hang out and give moral support …. I had SO much fun doing this one.

Don’t believe me?



Courtesy Mr. Militant Negro


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~~Uptown Funk~~

Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s version

~~Published on Nov 19, 2014~~

Music video by Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars performing Uptown Funk.

(C) 2014 Sony Music Entertainment UK Ltd.


We ALL are ONE!! 


To start the day …. Going home!!


~~August 15, 2014~~

Today is that day of the week when all has been done. For many, it’s a day to go home. Even though today is just beginning, soon it will be that time to go home.

Enjoy the day, do your best and get ready for the journey back home.


Jon Schmidt (born 1966) is an American pianist currently residing in Bountiful, Utah. He describes his style as “new-age classical.” He was born to German immigrants who acquainted him with the works of such composers as Beethoven, Mozart, and Chopin. He began songwriting at age 11. To date, he has released eight albums and seven piano books containing transcriptions of original arrangements.

He currently works with Steven Sharp Nelson on a project called The Piano Guys, which has proven over and over to be more than quite popular.

His work is often described as New Age music with pop elements of hook and melody. His works were also featured on sample discs for the Iomega Hipzip Digital Audio Player with the pieces “Sacred Ground“, “All of Me“, and “Waterfall“. His influences include Mannheim Steamroller, Billy Joel, and Beethoven.


~~Going Home~~

~~Published on Mar 25, 2012~~

From the album “A Day in the Sunset” (1994)


We ALL are ONE!! 


Invasion of Normandy …. 70 years ago today!!

~~June 6, 2014~~ 

The Invasion of Normandy was the invasion and establishment of Western Allied forces in Normandy, during Operation Overlord in 1944 during World War II, the largest amphibious invasion to ever take place.

D-Day, the date of the initial assaults, was Tuesday 6 June 1944 and Allied land forces that saw combat in Normandy on that day came from Canada, the Free French Forces, the United Kingdom, and the United States. In the weeks following the invasion, Polish forces also participated, as well as contingents from Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Greece, and the Netherlands. Most of the above countries also provided air and naval support, as did the Royal Australian Air Force, the Royal New Zealand Air Force and the Royal Norwegian Navy.

The Normandy invasion began with overnight parachute and glider landings, massive air attacks and naval bombardments. In the early morning, amphibious landings on five beaches codenamed JunoGold,OmahaUtah, and Sword began and during the evening the remaining elements of the parachute divisions landed. Land forces used on D-Day deployed from bases along the south coast of England, the most important of these being Portsmouth.

Invasion of Normandy
Part of Operation Overlord (World War II)
Into the Jaws of Death 23-0455M edit.jpg
Into the Jaws of Death by Robert F. Sargent. Assault craft land one of the first waves at Omaha Beach. The U.S. Coast Guardcaption identifies the unit as Company E, 16th Infantry, 1st Infantry Division.
Date 6 June 1944 – mid-July 1944
Location Normandy, France
Coordinates49°20′N 0°34′W
Result Allied victory
Allies United Kingdom
 United States
 Free French Forces
Poland Poland
 Australia[nb 1]
Belgium Free Belgian Forces
 New Zealand
Czechoslovakia Free Czechoslovak Forces
Axis Germany
Commanders and leaders
United States Dwight D. Eisenhower
(Supreme Allied Commander)
United Kingdom Arthur Tedder(Deputy Supreme Allied Commander)
United Kingdom Bernard Montgomery (21st Army Group, Ground Forces Commander in Chief)
United Kingdom Trafford Leigh-Mallory (Air Commander in Chief)
United Kingdom Bertram Ramsay(Naval Commander in Chief)
United States Omar Bradley (U.S. 1st Army)
United Kingdom Miles Dempsey(British 2nd Army)
 Canada Major-General R.F.L Keller.(Commander, 3rd Canadian Division (Juno Beach), Canadian Army)
 Canada Lt. General H.D.G. Crerar(Commander, First Canadian Army)
Nazi Germany Gerd von Rundstedt(Oberbefehlshaber West)
Nazi Germany Erwin Rommel(Heeresgruppe B)
Nazi Germany Friedrich Dollmann(7 Armeeoberkommando)
Nazi Germany Leo Geyr von Schweppenburg (Panzer Group West)
1,332,000 (by 24 July) 380,000 (by 23 July)
Casualties and losses
24 July:
~120,000 casualties
24 July:
113,059 casualties

~~Planning of the invasion~~

U.S. soldiers march through Weymouth, Dorset en route to board landing ships for the invasion of France.

Allied forces rehearsed their roles for D-Day months before the invasion. On 28 April 1944, in south Devon on the English coast, 638 U.S. soldiers and sailors were killed when German torpedo boats surprised one of these landing exercises, Exercise Tiger.

In the months leading up to the invasion, the Allied forces conducted a deception operation, Operation Fortitude, aimed at misleading the Germans with respect to the date and place of the invasion.

There were several leaks prior to or on D-Day. Through the Cicero affair, the Germans obtained documents containing references to Overlord, but these documents lacked all detail. Double Cross agents, such as the Spaniard Joan Pujol (code named Garbo), played an important role in convincing the German High Command that Normandy was at best a diversionary attack. U.S. Major General Henry Miller, chief supply officer of the US 9th Air Force, during a party at Claridge’s Hotel in London complained to guests of the supply problems he was having but that after the invasion, which he told them would be before 15 June, supply would be easier. After being told, Eisenhower reduced Miller to lieutenant colonel [Associated Press, June 10, 1944] and sent him back to the U.S. where he retired. Another such leak was General Charles de Gaulle‘s radio message after D-Day. He, unlike all the other leaders, stated that this invasion was the real invasion. This had the potential to ruin the Allied deceptions Fortitude North and Fortitude South. For example, Gen. Eisenhower referred to the landings as the initial invasion.




~~Celebrating Service: 70th Anniversary of Normandy~~

~~Published on May 23, 2014~~

USAA is proud to recognize the 70th Anniversary of Normandy and salute all of the brave men and women who so gallantly served our country.

We ALL are connected through HUMANITY!! 

We ALL are ONE!!

Stevie Nicks …. had a birthday in May 2014!!

~~May 30, 2014~~ 

Her birthday was four days ago. She’s one of my favorite performers. I would like to honor her because of her wonderful career and her contributions to the field of music. 

Go on, Bella Donna!! 


Stephanie Lynn “Stevie” Nicks (born May 26, 1948) is an American singer-songwriter who in the course of her work with Fleetwood Mac and her extensive solo career has produced over forty Top 50 hits and sold over 140 million albums.

She was deemed “The Reigning Queen of Rock and Roll” and one of the “100 Greatest Singers of All Time” by Rolling Stone, and, as a member of Fleetwood Mac, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998.

As a solo artist, she has garnered eight Grammy Award nominations and, with Fleetwood Mac, a further five.

Nicks joined Fleetwood Mac in 1975 along with her then romantic partner Lindsey Buckingham. Fleetwood Mac’s second album after the incorporation of Nicks and Buckingham, Rumours, released in 1977, was the best-selling album of the year of its release and, to date, made claimed sales of 40 million copies worldwide, which makes it the sixth biggest selling studio album of all time.

The album remained at No.1 on the American albums chart for 31 weeks and reached the top spot in various countries worldwide. The album won Album of the Year in 1978 and produced four U.S. Top 10 singles, with Nicks’ “Dreams” being the band’s first and only U.S. number one hit.

Nicks began her solo career in 1981 with the album Bella Donna, which reached Platinum status less than three months after its release, and has since been certified quadruple-platinum. She has produced seven more solo studio albums to date, with her most recent titled In Your Dreams, released on May 3, 2011.

Nicks is known for her distinctive voice, mystical visual style, and symbolic lyrics.

Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks in March 2009
Background information
Birth name Stephanie Lynn Nicks
Born May 26, 1948 (age 66)
Origin Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.
Genres Pop rock
Occupations Singer-songwriter
Instruments Vocals, piano, keyboards, tambourine
Years active 1967–present
Labels Modern
Associated acts Fleetwood Mac
Buckingham Nicks
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
David A. Stewart
Sheryl Crow
Warren Zevon


Stevie Nicks was born May 26, 1948, in Phoenix, Arizona. She signed with Fleetwood Mac in 1975, becoming an overnight sensation. She also released solo albums. After years of struggling with addiction (during which time she continued to tour and put out new albums), Nicks regained her health and energy.

Fleetwood Mac reunited in 1997 and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998.

~~Early Life~~

Singer and songwriter Stephanie Lynn Nicks was born on May 26, 1948, at Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. Her adopted moniker, Stevie, reportedly came from her childhood pronunciation of “Stephanie” as “tee-dee.” Stephanie’s mother, Barbara, was a homemaker and father Jess Nicks, a corporate executive, first met at Arizona State University. They became college sweethearts, and the couple married in 1947.

The tight-knit Nicks clan included Stevie’s paternal grandfather, Aaron Nicks, a would-be country star. Grandfather Nicks handcrafted a guitar for young Stevie and taught her well-known selections from the country music cannon. By the time she was five years old, Stevie was gigging with him at local gin mills. Around this time her brother, Christopher, was born.

As Stevie’s father rose through the corporate ranks, the Nicks family skipped around Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Utah and California. By 1963, the family landed in the suburbs of Los Angeles, and Stevie enrolled at Arcadia High School. While there, she met her best friend, Robin, and joined Changing Times, a band patterned after The Mamas and The Papas. Her tenure with the group was short-lived; the Nicks family soon moved to Palo Alto, California, where Stevie attended Menlo Atherton High School.

Here, Stevie met classmate Lindsey Buckingham, a guitarist and fellow songwriter. The two shared a close bond and forged a strong musical partnership.

~~Partnership with Lindsey Buckingham~~

After high school, Stevie briefly enrolled in San Jose State College, but by 1968 she’d dropped out. The Nicks family relocated once again—this time, to Chicago—but Stevie opted to stay in California. Along with Buckingham, she joined the local band, Fritz, which established a small following. The group opened for bigger acts such as Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix before they disbanded in 1971.

By this time, Nicks and Buckingham were deeply romantically involved. The couple continued collaborate, and soon landed a contract with Polydor Records. In 1972, they released Buckingham-Nicks, an album that went largely unnoticed. In an effort to make ends meet, Stevie worked alternately as a maid, a dental assistant, and a waitress.

Concurrently, Mick Fleetwood, John McVie and Christine McVie of the rock group Fleetwood Mac struggled with band tensions and line-up changes. In 1974, the group started seeking out a new recording facility, and arranged a visit to Sound City Studio in the San Fernando Valley — the same studio where Stevie and Buckingham recorded their album.

As producer Keith Alson guided Fleetwood Mac through the facility, he showcased the studio’s sound capabilities by playing the Buckingham-Nicks track “Frozen Love.” The band was taken with Buckingham’s guitar sensibilities.

~~Fleetwood Mac Rhiannon Live 1976 Stevie Nicks~~

~~Uploaded on Oct 21, 2007~~

AMAZING RARE! Fleetwood Mac LIVE! “RHIANNON.” 1976.

From the self titled 1975 album, Fleetwood Mac. Released as a single in 1976, peaked #11 on Billboard’s top 100 singles chart, #5 on Cashbox’s singles chart, and top ten on the Rock Oriented album cuts charts on Billboard.

~~Stevie Nicks – Stand Back (Official Video)~~

~~Uploaded on Oct 8, 2010~~

We ALL are ONE!! 

At the end of the day …. The Piano Guys – “Story of my Life”!!

~~May 23, 2014~~

The Piano Guys are an American musical group consisting of Jon SchmidtSteven Sharp Nelson, Paul Anderson, and Al van der Beek.

They gained popularity through YouTube, where they posted piano and cello renditions of popular songs and classical music. Schmidt and Nelson’s music is accompanied by professional-quality videos shot and edited by Paul Anderson. 

Paul Anderson owned a piano shop in St. George, Utah. He met musician Jon Schmidt as the latter walked in to ask if he could practice there for an upcoming concert. Months later, Paul Anderson and Tel Stewart (then just for fun) started making videos together with Jon Schmidt. It was not too long after that they did their first collaboration with Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson, and Al Van Der Beek as the studio and music technician.

After the five of them started collaborating the group really started to take off, producing a music video each week and posting it to YouTube.


Several of the group’s YouTube videos have over 20 million views, while all of them have over 750,000. As of February 2014, The Piano Guys’ YouTube channel has over 345 million total video views and about 2,500,000 subscribers.


~~Story of My Life~~

(One Direction — Piano/Cello Cover)


~~Published on May 22, 2014~~

~~Story behind “Story of My Life”~~

As we began our arrangement of One Direction’s “Story of My Life” we wanted it to feel like each note of the music was a word in a vivid story being told. When writing a song sometimes you just need a little spark. That catalyst came from a piece of classical music — one that had such a “storybook feel” to it that we gleaned inspiration from it: Saint-Saëns’ “Aquarium” from his Suite “Carnival of the Animals.”

It’s an incredibly beautiful and transportive piece. 

When we were finished we all stepped back and listened as objectively as we could, imagining what sort of story was being told in order to identify the best places to film. What happened surprised us all. The story itself took over.

It was like film score — but in reverse … more here:

“Story of My Life” – One Direction – written by Jamie Scott, Julian C. Bunetta, John Henry Ryan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik James Horan
Published by BMG Platinum Songs, Universal, EMI Blackwood, & Downtown DMP
Arrangement produced by Steven Sharp Nelson
Arrangement written by Al van der Beek & Steven Sharp Nelson
Mixed & mastered by Al van der Beek at TPG Studios in Utah
Performed by
Jon Schmidt: Piano
Steven Sharp Nelson: Electric & acoustic cellos, cello-percussion, percussion
Al van der Beek: Vocals, percussion

~~One Direction – Story of My Life~~

~~Published on Nov 3, 2013~~

The new album Midnight Memories featuring Story of My Life! 

We ALL are connected through MUSIC!!

We ALL are ONE!!