At the end of the day …. “DWTS: Bindi and Derek’s “Argentine Tango”!!


~~November 12, 2015~~ 


See Bindi Irwin tango with the vampire on Dancing With the Stars

I know, I know …. Halloween is long gone.

We are already in mid-November.

Yet, I’ve been featuring some of Bindi Irwin’s awesome dancing and this one needs to be included.

For Halloween, Bindi and Derek danced the Argentine Tango.

Quite the choreography, matey!

Great dancing, lots of fun.

Hope you enjoy it.




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Bindi Irwin and pro partner Derek Hough take on Halloween on Dancing With The Stars on Monday night (October 26, 2015) in Hollywood.

Team Crikey performed an Argentine Tango, which earned them a total of 30 points from the judges, topping the leaderboard!



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Though Bindi bared her fangs throughout, it was more likely her on-point routine that earned her and Hough their perfect score from the judges’ panel rather than her ability to channel her evil side.

Watch Bindi become an adorable vampire queen in the accompanying video.

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Bindi Irwin & Derek’s “ArgentineTango”

Week 7  DWTS Season 21

(Halloween Night)

Published on Oct 27, 2015

Bindi Irwin & Derek Hough – ‘Vampire Queen’ Argentine Tango

It’s hard to overstate just how dedicated and positive Bindi is.

Derek’s words here give us a hint:

“Since it’s Halloween, I’ll leave you with a story that is simultaneously gross and indicative of how awesome Bindi is. Yesterday, she had her socks off and my jaw dropped to the floor when I saw her feet.

Three of her toenails have fallen off, she had huge blisters all over and bruises on her knees.

It was not pretty!

She was like, “Oh, yeah, they fell off yesterday. That one was bleeding last night.” I was like, “Bindi, you gotta tell me.” And she was like, “Oh, it’s nothing.” I said, “No, I gotta know when you’re hurting.” She was like, “No, really, I’m fine. It’s not a big deal.”

I’ve had partners who needed to take a 20-minute break if it’s one little blister.

Bindi is a badass.”


We ALL are ONE!!