Strong, New Voices …. “🔥🔥 Emma González to Drumpf …. ‘We Call BS’ 🔥🔥 …. “!!


~~February 18, 2018~~ 



In the midst of a terrible mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, young voices are loudly raising to decry the lack of action from GOP politicians, including the ‘so-called president’, who are beholden to the NRA in view of the political campaign donations.

They have been bought and paid by the NRA.

This has to change.

It seems the generation coming up will not accept this!



Florida school shooting survivor SLAMS Drumpf and Republicans for doing NOTHING to stop mass shootings

🔥 🔥 🔥 EVERY WORD of this is FIRE 🔥 🔥 🔥

“They say that tougher gun laws do not decrease gun violence. We call BS!
They say a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun. We call BS!
They say guns are just tools like knives and are as dangerous as cars. We call BS!”

Thanks to Emma González for giving this AMAZING speech.



February 17, 2018

Emma González, a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who survived Wednesday’s mass shooting, gave a blistering speech at an anti-gun rally on Saturday about the politicians complicit in the murder of her classmates. It was yet another reminder that the teenagers and children who grew up in the shadow of school shootings (and the 150,000 who survived one) are more practical – and less tolerant of empty rhetoric – than the adults who are supposed to protect them.

González had no use for crocodile tears from Drumpf, who was in Florida on Friday, February 16, to offer his condolences (and, reportedly, to drop by a Studio 54 theme party at Mar-a-Lago):

If the president wants to come up to me and tell me to my face that it was a terrible tragedy, and how it should never have happened, and maintain telling us how nothing is going to be done about it, I’m going to happily ask him how much money

he received from the National Rifle Association.

But hey, you want to know something?

It doesn’t matter, because I already know: $30 million.

To every politician who is taking donations from the NRA, shame on you!


In February of 2017, one year ago, Drumpf repealed an Obama-era regulation that would have made it easier to block the sale of firearms to people with certain mental illnesses.

I don’t need to be a psychologist to know that repealing that regulation was a really dumb idea. Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa was the sole sponsor of this bill to stop the FBI from performing background checks on people adjudicated to be mentally ill, and now he’s stating for the record, “Well, it’s a shame that the FBI isn’t doing background checks on these mentally ill people.” Well, duh: You took that opportunity away last year! The people in government who we voted into power are lying to us. And us kids seem to be the only ones who notice and are prepared to call BS.


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Occupy Democrats Facebook Video


act. tv Facebook Video


Monica Puig …. “🇵🇷 Letter To Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria 🇵🇷 …. Stay Strong …. “!!


~~October 7, 2017~~



‘Help Puerto Rico,’ it’s ‘in crisis now’

Mónica Puig is closing in on her new goal of raising $100,000 to assist Puerto Rico after Hurricane María battered the island, insisting that the US territory needs all the help it can get – and immediately.

Puig chose her words carefully when asked if the US’s response has been fast enough but the world No. 77 said:

“The only thing I can say is that we need help and we need it now.

I don’t want to see suffering in Puerto Rico.
“We need all the help we can get from wherever we can get it. I just don’t want to see lives lost due to this crisis. It means a lot, anyone who is willing to help.
“We just need their help as quickly as possible.”

The tennis ace – who became Puerto Rico’s first ever Olympic gold medalist at last year’s Rio Games – says she has been in touch with pop superstar and fellow Puerto Rican Luis Fonsi to see what else can be done to help a week after María battered the island with torrential rains and 155-mile-per-hour winds.

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~~Mónica Puig Letter To Puerto Rico After Hurricane María~~


Published on Oct 7, 2017

Support Mónica and rebuild Puerto Rico.



We ALL are ONE!! 



To start the day …. “Thank you John Oliver … Thank you Lin-Manuel Miranda”!!


~~April 25, 2016~~ 


I have been following Puerto Rico’s situation for a long time.

As many of you may know, I was born there.

I’ve been also following John Oliver, Lin-Manuel Miranda and the “War Against All Puerto Ricans” blog.

Today they all came together to explain and plead the case for Puerto Rico.

As I looked through Facebook this morning, I found this video … presented over and over …. and, of course, I shared over and over.


Because this is my country and not many know the real situation.

Many think that Puerto Rico is a dead-beat country who won’t pay the money it owes.

The situation is much more complicated.

To add insult to injury, there’s a group called CFIF paying for TV ads which state that what Puerto Rico wants is a “Super Chapter 9” Bankruptcy Legislation.

Please, take a short time of your busy schedule and be educated about the situation in Puerto Rico.

Remember, Puerto Ricans ARE American citizens.



John Oliver and Lin-Manuel Miranda break the media silence on Puerto Rico

“Throughout one of the greatest crises that Puerto Rico has ever faced, there has been a deafening silence from nearly every Puerto Rican “celebrity” on the planet.

This silence was broken last night by Lin-Manuel Miranda and John Oliver.”


John Oliver and Lin-Manuel Miranda break the media silence on Puerto Rico



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~~Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Puerto Rico~~


~~Published on Apr 24, 2016~~

Puerto Rico is suffering a massive debt crisis.

Lin-Manuel Miranda joins John Oliver to call for relief.


~“Dark Money” Group~

We may never know who creating and airing these TV ads, to keep Puerto Rico from receiving any debt relief.

That is why it’s called Dark Money.


“Dark Money” group spends $200,000 in TV ads, to keep Puerto Rico from receiving any debt relief


If you really want to learn about Puerto Rico, it’s relationship with Spain ad the United States and the circumstances that lead to the Island’s current political, financial and real status, I strongly recommend that you follow this blog:


Based on the book “War Against All Puerto Ricans” written by Nelson A. Denis.



~Out of Money~~

~~Published on Apr 3, 2016~~

CFIF Launches National Media Campaign to Oppose House “Super Chapter 9” Bankruptcy Legislation for Puerto Rico


If you really want to learn about Puerto Rico’s history, it’s relationship with Spain and the United States and how it got to the situation it’s currently in, I strongly recommend that you follow this blog. There is an English and a Spanish version.

“War Against  All Puerto Ricans”

a book written by Nelson A. Denis



We ALL are ONE!! 


Robin Williams … “Would have turned 64 years old”!!


~~July 21, 2015~~


The world just got less funny … with the loss of Robin Williams.

Yesterday, July 21, he would have turned 64 years old.

To this day, I still miss him.

Even though he remains with all of us …. in our memories, in our hearts, in his numerous, incredible movies, videos, clips … and all digital media, his absence is acutely felt.

In his memory …. happy birthday, Robin.



Robin McLaurin Williams (July 21, 1951 – August 11, 2014) was an American actor and comedian. Starting as a stand-up comedian in San Francisco and Los Angeles in the mid-1970s, he is credited with leading San Francisco’s comedy renaissance. After rising to fame as Mork in the sitcom Mork & Mindy (1978–82), he went on to establish a career in both stand-up comedy and feature film acting. He was known for his improvisational skills.

After his film debut in the musical comedy Popeye (1980), he starred or co-starred in widely acclaimed films, including the comedy-drama The World According to Garp (1982), war comedy Good Morning, Vietnam (1987), dramas Dead Poets Society (1989) and Awakenings (1990), comedy-drama The Fisher King (1991), animated musical fantasy Aladdin (1992), drama Good Will Hunting (1997), and psychological thriller One Hour Photo (2002), as well as financial successes such as the fantasy adventure film Hook (1991), comedy Mrs. Doubtfire (1993), fantasy adventure Jumanji (1995), comedy  (1996), and fantasy adventure-comedy Night at the Museum (2006).

In 1998, Williams won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance as Dr. Sean Maguire in Good Will Hunting. He also received two Primetime Emmy Awards, six Golden Globe Awards, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and four Grammy Awards throughout his career.

On August 11, 2014, Williams committed suicide by hanging himself at his home in Paradise Cay, California.

It was revealed shortly after his death that Williams had been suffering from severe depression, Parkinson’s disease, and diffuse Lewy body dementia.

“As it appears in …. full read/full credit”



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~A Tribute to Robin Williams~

~Published on Aug 13, 2014~

To celebrate the work of the legend that is Robin Williams, we made this little tribute.

We hope you enjoy it.

RIP … Robin Williams!



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I heard a joke once: “Man goes to doctor. Says he’s depressed. Says life seems harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain.

Doctor says, “Treatment is simple. Great clown Pagliacci is in town tonight. Go and see him. That should pick you up.” Man bursts into tears.

Says, “But doctor … I am Pagliacci.”


We ALL are ONE!! 


To start the day …. “The Piano Guys Behind ThePianoGuys”!!


~~May 24, 2015~~ 

Many of those who stop by “It Is What It Is” may know that I am an ardent fan of The Piano Guys.

I learned about them through a dear friend who asked: Have you seen The Piano Guys’ videos?

I hadn’t. Who are they? Susan knows I play the piano and how much music means to me. She introduced me to them as we watched “Michael Meets Mozart”, then “Peponi”, then “Beautiful” … I was hooked!

Since then I’ve started following them. I’ve bought their CD’s and I was able to see them live in concert in Melbourne, Florida.

An unforgettable experience. They are really down to earth. They called themselves “nerds”. To me, the most important things are that they have an incredible sense of humor and an amazing talent.

I really enjoy The Piano Guys.

I hope you enjoy this clip!



Have you ever wondered how the ThePianoGuys move the grand pianos on top of mountains, Great Wall of China, trains and other crazy locations?

Meet The Piano Guys Behind ThePianoGuys.




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~~The Piano Guys Behind ThePianoGuys~~

~~Published on May 11, 2015~~

Video features ThePianoGuys (Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson, Paul Anderson, Al van der Beek), Matt Meese, Mallory Everton, Whitney Call, Steven Meek, Stacy Harkey, James Perry and Jeremy Warner.

Have you ever wondered how the ThePianoGuys move the grand pianos on top of mountains, Great Wall of China, trains and other crazy locations? Meet The Piano Guys Behind ThePianoGuys.

StudioC’s ThePianoGuys Documentary/Rockumentary

Thanks to ThePianoGuys (Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson, Paul Anderson, Al van der Beek) and make sure to subscribe to their channel

Also, Special Thanks to “the real Piano Guys behind ThePianoGuys.”
Jeremy Crawford, Shaye Scott, Addison Foote, Danae Tumanuvao, Kyle Fisher and countless others!


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Thoughts for today …. #52!!

~~November 23, 2014~~ 

So well expressed … 

Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using electronic technology. Electronic technology includes devices and equipment such as cell phones, computers, and tablets as well as communication tools including social media sites, text messages, chat, and websites.

Examples of cyberbullying include mean text messages or emails, rumors sent by email or posted on social networking sites, and embarrassing pictures, videos, websites, or fake profiles.



Cell phones and computers themselves are not to blame for cyberbullying. Social media sites can be used for positive activities, like connecting kids with friends and family, helping students with school, and for entertainment. But these tools can also be used to hurt other people. Whether done in person or through technology, the effects of bullying are similar.

Kids who are cyberbullied are more likely to

Use alcohol and drugs
Skip school
Experience in-person bullying
Be unwilling to attend school
Receive poor grades
Have lower self-esteem
Have more health problems


“As it appears in …. “


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Michael Jackson …. artwork which says so much!!

~~November 19, 2014~~ 

The dramatic life of Michael Jackson represented in a touching artwork by Sarah Weaver


I recently saw part of a TV show on Reelz which detailed the results of Michael Jackson’s autopsy. They talked about the physical findings, the toxicology results, discussed the Pepsi ad when he burned his hair and much more. We all knew that he was a tortured soul …. many had names for him.

Yet, in spite of all the trials and tribulations he went through, he managed to produce a wealth of musical pieces. His work, to me, has no comparison in his genre. It’s surprising that through all this tragedy, he was able to produce the amount and quality of composition, music, videos and his dancing style. All left a huge mark in the entertainment business.

“Gone too soon … “


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“Este discurso no será olvidado” ….. This speech will never be forgotten!!


~~September 13, 2014~~

You know that I have always posted information, ideas, videos and the like, in English always. However, this is a speech given by a politician that should be translated to all languages. 

I need to share this. 

~~Este discurso no será olvidado~~

(Pepe Mujica – Río+20)

~~Published on Jul 7, 2012~~

Finalmente un político refleja en su discurso el pensamiento de millones, la certeza de sabernos viviendo en un sistema ineficaz, mezquino y retrógrado que no nos conduce a ningún destino positivo.

Hice esta edición de video para que sus palabras no se pierdan en el ruido y se pueda captar la totalidad de lo planteado.



We ALL are ONE!! 


At the end of the day …. “Why I Think This World Should End”!!


~~September 8, 2014~~

“As it appears in ….. “


Richard Williams, better known by his stage name Prince Ea, is an American rapper and activist.

Prince Ea was born as Richard Williams on September 16, 1988 in St. Louis, Missouri, the youngest of three children, and has resided there his whole life. The alias Prince Ea is derived from Sumerian mythology (“The prince of the Earth“). He has also graduated from the University of Missouri,St. Louis with Latin honors.


~~The “Make ‘SMART’ Cool” movement~~

In late 2009 Prince Ea, upset at the present state of the music industry, decided to form a movement named “Make ‘SMART’ Cool”. The “Make ‘SMART’ Cool” movement (SMART is an acronym for “Sophisticating Millions And Revolutionizing Thought“) attempts to “promote intelligence to everyone, everywhere and integrate it with hip-hop.

To create and nurture, without discrimination or preference, a community of free-thinking individuals under the singular purpose of promoting the ideals of education, intelligence, unity and creativity throughout the world at large.”


~~Why I Think This World Should End~~

~~Published on September 8, 2014~~

Sorry if this Offends You



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From Upworthy ….. Here Are 10 Images!!


~~August 26, 2014~~ 

I subscribe to “Upworthy“. I receive their updates, videos and emails. I received this one recently. In view of the vital information presented and the time in history that we are living, I feel very strongly that it needs to be shared. I take no personal credit for this information. It was all gathered, compiled and presented by their staff. 

“As it appears in …..”

I’m merely providing another forum for dissemination. All graphics in the slideshow were prepared and presented by Upworthy. All images in the slideshow and all information are the intellectual property of the original presenter. 


John Crawford was holding a toy gun as he stood in the toy section of a Walmart. Before the police shot him to death in that same aisle, John managed to say, “It’s not real.” But it was too late for John.

Sean Bell was going to get married. One night, he was driving away from his bachelor party with his friends, Joseph and Trent. Suddenly, he hit a minivan. Four undercover police officers from the minivan began to shoot at them without warning, firing a total of 50 bullets at the three unarmed men. A wounded Joseph turned to Sean and said, “S, I love you, son.” Sean’s reply: “I love you, too.” Joseph and Trent survived, but their best friend, Sean, didn’t make it.

One of the witnesses in the Trayvon Martin trial, Rachel Jeantel, was on the phone with Trayvon moments before the scuffle with George Zimmerman that ended his life. One of the last things she heard the unarmed Trayvon say to the man who was following him with a gun that fateful night: “Why are you following me for?

Michael Brown died August 2014. Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson shot him at least six times, twice in the head. Michael was not armed. His friend and eyewitness reported that Michael said: “I don’t have a gun. Stop shooting.” Minutes later, he was on the ground, bleeding. Dr. Michael M. Baden, the man who did Michael’s autopsy, told the New York Times, “In my capacity as the forensic examiner for the New York State Police, I would say, ‘You’re not supposed to shoot so many times.'”

Amadou Diallo died right outside his own apartment in the Bronx. He was unarmed. Four police officers shot 41 bullets, hitting Amadou 19 times. Later, they claimed that they had mistaken Amadou for a serial rapist. That same day, some of the last words he said to his mother as he spoke over the phone were, “Mom, I’m going to college.


Eric Garner died July 2014. He was unarmed. Police officers were trying to arrest him for allegedly selling untaxed cigarettes. Eric suffered from asthma, and as a police officer put his arm around Eric’s neck during the arrest, he managed to gasp, “I can’t breathe!” The New York City medical examiner’s office ruled Eric’s death a homicide, pointing out that the officer’s chokehold might have been a big factor.

Jonathan Ferrell had been in a traffic accident and was knocking on a homeowner’s door for help. He was unarmed. A video later used at the trial showed that when police officers approached him, Jonathan held his hands out in a non-threatening manner. The police officers never identified themselves. They fired 12 times, and 10 of those bullets hit him. Even as Jonathan lay on the ground, bleeding and dying from 10 gunshot wounds, the officers handcuffed him. Jonathan’s dead body remained handcuffed all the way to the medical examiner’s office.

Oscar Grant was on a subway train in Oakland when a police officer forced him out of the car and onto the subway platform. Oscar was lying down when a second police officer shot a bullet into his back. “You shot me! You shot me!” Oscar yelled before he died. That officer later testified that he meant to use his Taser on Oscar instead of his handgun. A court later ruled that the two had no legal reason to get Oscar — who was unarmed — off the train.

Kimani Gray was standing on a street in Brooklyn when police officers approached him. The officers claimed that when they approached Kimani, he pulled a gun from his waistband and pointed it at them. But one eyewitness, Tishana King, said Kimani never pointed a gun. She also said the police officers didn’t identify themselves when they approached. Police officers shot Kimani at least seven times, even though Kimani hadn’t shot a single bullet. One witness said some of Kimani’s last words were, “Please don’t let me die.”

Kendrec McDade died after a man called Oscar Carillo made a phony 911 call, telling police officers that he had just been the victim of an armed robbery. He later admitted that he had lied about the guns. The two officers eventually found Kendrec in an alleyway. They began shooting after Kendrec apparently moved his hands to his waistband. But Kendrec didn’t have a gun on him. All he had was a cellphone in his pocket. Court documents show that Kendrec’s last words were, “Why did you shoot me?”



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I have no words. I think these description of events speak for themselves. I do know that there is a load of evidence regarding a total lack of disregard for black human life. 



We ALL are ONE!!