John Crawford …. “It’s not real”!!

~~September 25, 2014~~ 

“As it appears on Steve Marmel’s FB page … “

Ohio is an open carry state, unfortunately. But yet, a young black man was gunned down by police all because they thought he was a “bad guy with a gun“, despite only having a BB Gun. Even if it were a real gun, John Crawford III had the legal right to openly carry it. However, Ronald Ritchie calls 911 with a bogus story that ends up getting Crawford killed.


So a black man with a BB Gun is so terrifying that you have to make up a false 911 call? Then the police execute him, without having been put in imminent danger.

But Kory Watkins can take loaded weapons into stores and lives to brag about it. Or Joseph Houseman of MI, pointed his loaded rifle at 12 police officers, while they negotiated with him to surrender. No shootout …

Just goes to show that you can’t tell who the good guy or bad gun is …


The footage shows definitively that Crawford wasn’t brandishing the toy gun when he was shot — and that he dropped it, ran, and came back before he died.

The video, which tracks Crawford as he made his way throughout the store, first shows him walking around while talking on his cell phone and picking up the toy gun from the sporting goods aisle.

The video then shows Crawford standing calmly at the end of an aisle, holding the toy gun — pointed at the floor — in his right hand. Occasionally, he swings the gun gently back and forth, but there’s no point at which the gun’s pointed at anything — let alone at any person.



An Ohio grand jury has declined to indict the white police officer who fatally shot John Crawford. A 22-year-old African American, Crawford was killed inside a Wal-Mart store last month after a caller phoned police to accuse him of brandishing a gun and pointing it at other customers.


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