Puerto Rico …. “🏳️‍🌈 Memorial to Pulse Victims 🏳️‍🌈 …. Carmen Yulín Cruz, San Juan Mayor, Dedicated It …. “!!


~~July 7, 2016~~ 



JULY 5, 2016

Puerto Rico has its first LGBT monument in the island’s history, which now is also a memorial to the victims of the Pulse shooting.

The monument is seven concrete pillars, each covered in colorful mosaics, and sits at the entrance of Sixto Escobar Stadium in San Juan’s Third Millennium Park, according to Noticel, a Puerto Rican publication.

The monument cost an estimated $9,000, funded by city taxpayers, Noticel reports.

It was designed by Alberto de la Cruz.

A section of the monument lists the names of the 49 people who lost their lives at the Pulse shooting, highlighting the names of the 23 Puerto Rican victims.

Next to the names, written in Spanish, is the quote,

“This tribute to life strengthens our commitment to fight hate – the product of homophobia – with love and respect.

Our slogan resounds in all our hearts:

Love is love, is love, is love …



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The monument’s dedication took place almost exactly one year after a federal judge in Puerto Rico first ruled in favor of marriage equality.

Although an anti-equality judge in Puerto Rico tried to halt that ruling, a federal appeals court determined in April that the U.S. Supreme Court’s June 2015 decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, which brought marriage equality to all 50 states, was also binding in Puerto Rico, an unincorporated territory of the United States.

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“We celebrate life,” said San Juan mayor Carmen Yulín at the monument’s inauguration. “We must work together to eradicate discrimination and homophobia. We must raise our voice for justice and equality of every human being.

We must aspire to a country where everyone is equal and not be judged by how we love.”


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At the end of the day …. “Paint The Sky with Stars”!!

~~November 9, 2014~~ 

Paint the Sky with Stars: The Best of Enya is an excellent 16-song overview of Enya’s career, containing 14 selections from The Celts, Watermark, Shepherd Moon, and The Memory of Trees — including “Caribbean Blue,” “Anywhere Is,” “Marble Halls,” “Book of Days,” and, of course, “Orinoco Flow” — as well as two previously unreleased songs (“Only If…,” “Paint the Sky with Stars”) that fit comfortably with her past work.

Although Enya is, in many ways, an album artist that creates a mood and sustains it through the course of one disc, this is a fine sampler for listeners who only want the hits and highlights.

This is one of my favorites … perfect to end the day!


“Paint The Sky With Stars”

Suddenly before my eyes
Hues of indigo arise
With them how my spirit sighs
Paint the sky with stars

Only night will ever know
Why the heavens never show
All the dreams there are to know
Paint the sky with stars

Who has placed the midnight sky
So a spirit has to fly?
As the heavens seem so far now,
Who will paint the midnight star?

Night has brought to those who sleep
Only dreams they cannot keep
I have legends in the deep
Paint the sky with stars

Who has placed the midnight sky
So a spirit has to fly?
As the heavens seem so far now,
Who will paint the midnight star?

Place a name upon the night
One to set your heart alight
And to make the darkness bright
Paint the sky with stars.



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~~Paint the Sky With Stars~~

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