“Being a Light in the World” … Blog Award!!

~~March 7, 2014~~

A known blogger and dear friend Barbara from http://idealisticrebel.wordpress.com/ nominated “It Is What It Is” for the “Being a Light in the World” Blog Award!!

She created this award on March 4, 2014.


“I’m creating this Award to celebrate all those wonderful people in the World who spread Light, and Love and Hope and Peace in the name of All.  These bloggers should consistently promote these qualities and work to be a force for peace and light in the world.


~~The Rules~~

Thank the person who gives you the award

Spread this award around to the people who you know who are doing this work, so that the work continues and the light is spread

Let your nominees know 

Never give up on your fellow human beings”


Before I continue on to list my nominees,  it’s an honor to humbly accept this award. To me, this award carries much value because it was created by my dear friend and also because of the meaning behind it.

Being a “light in this world” of ours brings a lot of responsibilities. There are many “forces” out there trying to extinguish the LIGHT … as they have done before. We must arduously work to continue to shine this light. First and foremost, keep the light alive within to be able to take it outside. 

We are ALL in this together!! 


~~My nominees for the “Being a Light in the World Award”~~

Barbara …. http://idealisticrebel.wordpress.com/ …. YOU ARE THE FIRST ONE!



Mind Chatter …. http://nae50.wordpress.com/


Arlen …. http://arlenshah.wordpress.com/

Becki …. http://isurvivedamurderattackmyfamilydidnt.com/

Xena …. http://blackbutterfly7.wordpress.com/

Michael …. http://hulshofschmidt.wordpress.com/



I have nominated you for another award. If you do not wish to accept it – no problem. Simply interpret this as my admiration and for sharing your wonderful posts with us all.


Godspell – Light Of the World – Movie Version

Published on Mar 29, 2013

From the film Godspell released in 1973


We ALL are connected through this wonderful WEB!! 


We ALL are ONE!!