Humanity …. It’s time to wake up!!

~~October 7, 2014~~ 


The voices of the younger generation are very important. They are the ones who will inherit this world and one day be the guardians and the keepers of it. It gives me a little hope to hear voices like this one. Maybe ….. just maybe, we can turn back sometime.

He is a British spoken word artist/poet, public figure/speaker, film maker, director, editor, producer, camera man, actor, performer, free runner, gymnast, calisthenics, athlete.

~In his own words~

“I’m a 21 year old aspiring Public Figure/Speaker/Activist that’s trying to expand the human consciousness.”


~~Humanity, It’s Time To Wake Up~~

~~Published on Oct 7, 2014~~



There are an estimated 7.2 billion people on earth, of which we’ve labelled as humanity

in 36 years there will be an estimated 9.7 billion, as you can see, we’re increasing rapidly.

Roughly 3200 cities, 195 of which are capital

we’re destroying our planet just to make more areas habitable ….. 

The problem is our empathy, our lack of responsibility

we’re all guilty, we’re all filthy, we’re all riddled with impurity …… 

This isn’t about me, this will never be about me, this is about the world that put us here and is begging us to see

because if we want to see the change then we have to be the change

sacrifice personal gain and gain world peace in exchange

stop supporting fame, stop playing the game

find ourselves and realize that us humans have so much.



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We ALL are ONE!!