To start the day …. “When I woke up this Morning … “!!


~~June 27, 2015~~ 


I woke up today with a feeling of anticipation.

There was something different in the air.

In the  brief moment of waking and being in touch with reality, I knew there was something different.

It was very similar to Christmas morning, as a kid, before you realize what day it is and what is waiting for you.

Then I realized: I’m legally married!

No one can undo this!

History was made yesterday, June 26, 2015.

Marriage Equality is the law of the land!

I looked through my feed & there it was ….

Our commitment is recognized now as we have always recognized it.



As I was growing up I realized that I was “different” but I didn’t know how. Back in the 1950’s, I didn’t know there was a name for my difference. I just knew in my young mind that I wasn’t like others. Yet, I couldn’t pinpoint what is was. I realized I had what you can call “crushes” on some of my teachers, on some soap opera actresses, on some movies stars he majority of which were female. There were also a few guys but not that many. I felt more comfortable in the presence of women. I was chubby and later gained weight. I felt I wasn’t pretty. No guy would ever be interested in me. And this was OK.

I went to a Catholic school from kindergarten to high school. The principles of that faith were ingrained in my mind and soul. Now I think I was “brainwashed” into believing the religious principles. This was my life. My parents were both very active in our parish. Nuns and priests were a staple of my growing up.

It wasn’t until I went to college that I knew. Initially, I didn’t have a name for my feelings either.

I went to a Catholic university (can you believe that!) and that’s were I met an exchange student who lived in the same dorm I did. This dorm was run by nuns.

The exchange student and I became inseparable. The best of friends. Soulmates, two peas in a pod, two of a kind. We found that we had similar interests and it felt as if we’d know each other forever. She was born in Puerto Rico but lived in Baltimore. She also was raised in the Catholic church and had similar beliefs.



It wasn’t until 1996 when we reconnected again …. and we haven’t separated since then. We decided that we wanted to be together for the rest of our lives as many years as we had left.

I never thought that I would be able to marry the love of my life. I knew we were committed for life but marriage? At our age, aside from love and passion, there are many reasons and benefits to changing your civil status from single to married.

Florida legalized same sex marriages on January 6, 2015. We were there on the first day, getting our marriage license and participating in a “mass wedding” that same afternoon. Still we didn’t think that nationwide would be a reality … not in our lifetime.


Then, yesterday happened!

The law of the land … marriage equality for all 50 states. And it can’t be undone. That gives us peace of mind in so many ways.

We are beyond happy that our love, union and commitment is recognized in the eyes of the law and of society.



We Five

~~Published on Oct 19, 2014~~

“… when I woke up this morning, you were on my mind …”.


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We ALL are ONE!!