To start the day …. “Back from holiday …. I’m here …. “!!


~~August 8, 2016~~ 


It was a wonderful 9 days out of state, creating memories with friends and family.

Now we return to reality.

The best one, for me, is school starts this and nest week.


The world hasn’t stopped. The Olympics are on, the worldwide conflicts continue, war, injustice, discrimination, brutality,

Crazy politics are still the main topic in some locations.

Let me extend the mood of the holiday for a bit more.

This song is Yanni’s production from 2003.

The video production is from 2011.

The beauty remains.

Enjoy the music, enjoy the view.




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Andreea Petcu (oceanflower1) video creations



Truth of Touch was Yanni’s first album of new studio material since 2003’s Ethnicity, with Yanni said to be “returning to his instrumental roots”.

In contrast to the vocal-centric of Yanni Voices (2009), Truth of Touch is a largely instrumental album, and was said to constitute a “return to form” for Yanni, referring to his mid-1990s musical style. The album was said to include cinematic elements, with smooth jazz and tribal rhythms.

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We ALL are connected through MUSIC!! 


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♥Truth of Touch♥


~~Uploaded on Sep 23, 2011~~

This is the 7 track from of Yanni’s CD – Truth of touch – Nine.
I saw Yanni performing in Bucharest on 14 sept 2011. It was a fabulous Concert and Yanni promised to come back. It was an extraordinary Show. YANNI and his Team is brilliant.

Andreea Petcu

Video edited by Andreea Petcu(oceanflower1)…


We ALL are ONE!! 


Yanni and Linda Evans …. where are they now?

~~July 14, 2014~~ 

To this day, I very vividly remember when I first heard about Yanni, the new age musician. It was sometime in 1990 when Linda Evans appeared in the Oprah Winfrey talk show. Linda went through the interview process and eventually Yanni came on the set and both declared their lovely openly to the many followers of the show. While I watched, I had no inkling that I would find this awesome musician who would become one of my favorites.

Yiannis Chryssomallis, known professionally as Yanni, is a Greek pianistkeyboardistcomposer, and music producer who has spent his adult life in the United States.

During the interview with Oprah, they described how they met and how their life’s path crossed. They remained together for 9 years and love seemed to exude from both of them as a warm, bright, shinning light.


Evening Magazine KING 5 TV Seattle 1990

(Linda Evans & Yanni)   

~~Uploaded on Jan 18, 2012~~


Interview with Linda Evans and Yanni. Yanni’s music plays throughout the interview. Evening Magazine KING 5 TV Seattle 1990 (Linda Evans & Yanni)


However, love can be fleeting. In spite of their love, they went their separate ways. The reasons are only for them to know.

Why do I bring this up today? 


Because last night I saw an installment of Oprah’s show “Where are they now“. She had Yanni as a guest and this marked the 25th anniversary of that show where they professed and showed their love for each other.

Yanni explained that that was the first time that he was on stage, in his professional career, talking for such a large audience.



~~Yanni Reveals the Rarity of His Relationship with Linda Evans~~

Where Are They Now?

ed on Jul 13, 2014

~~Published on Jul 13, 2014~~

Before he made international headlines as an award-winning pianist, Yanni was most known for his nine-year relationship with Dynasty actress Linda Evans in the ’90s. Though they broke up in 1998, Yanni still holds Linda in high regard.

Watch as he shares an intimate rarity about their time as a couple and why she is one of the “most amazing human beings” he’s ever met.


We ALL are ONE!!