At the end of the day …. “Caly’s Fight Song …. AMAZING ….”!!


~~June 27, 2016~~ 


I first heard about Caly’s story on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

It’s an amazing story of persistence, strength and the human spirit.

A few months after Ellen’s show, I saw Caly singing on America’s Got Talent, on June 21, 2016 .

There’s a lesson to be learned here.

Hope you enjoy these videos.

They both speak for themselves.



Calysta Bevier on Her Amazing ‘America’s Got Talent’ Tryout

“I didn’t even know that I was going to be performing on the show until a day before.”


16 year old singer Calysta Bevier wowed audiences on America’s Got Talent with both her singing ability and her story.

Before she sang, Howie Mandel complimented her short hair, at which point she mentioned that her short hair wasn’t necessarily her choice, since she is a stage 3 ovarian cancer survivor and had gone through chemotherapy.

That story, coming from a teenager, was enough to stun the panel of judges, but it was her performance of Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” that floored them.

In fact, Simon Cowell hit the shows’ “Golden Buzzer,” which automatically sent Bevier to the next round.

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Calysta Bevier on Her Amazing ‘America’s Got Talent’ Tryout

We ALL are connected through HUMANITY!! 



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~~The Inspirational Caly~~

~Published on Dec 3, 2015~~

The courageous teenager’s rendition of “Fight Song” went viral on ellentube.

Now she’s here for a live performance with a special guest!


~~Fight Song~~

Calysta Bevier

America’s Got Talent – June 21, 2016

Calysta Bevier gets Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer

America’s Got Talent 2016 Full Auditions

~~Published on Jun 22, 2016~~

Full Segment

She was blown away by the support from Cowell, who can be intimidating to amateur singers.

“Getting the ‘Golden Buzzer’ from the other judges would have been great, but he’s a producer, he has worked with so many artists. So for me, it was amazing. I never expected that.”


We ALL are ONE!! 


World Oceans Day …. June 8, 2014!!

~~June 9, 2014~~

World Oceans Day 2014: Together, We Have the Power to Protect the Ocean


World Oceans Day has been unofficially celebrated every 8 June since its original proposal in 1992 by Canada at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was officially recognized by the United Nations in 2008. Since then it has been coordinated internationally by The Ocean Project and the World Ocean Network with greater success and global participation each year.


World Oceans Day is an annual observation to honour the world’s oceans, celebrate the products the ocean provides such as seafood as well as marine life itself for aquariums, pets, and also a time to appreciate its own intrinsic value. The ocean also provides sea-lanes for international trade. Global pollution and over-consumption of fish have resulted in drastically dwindling population of the majority of species.

The Ocean Project, working in partnership with the World Ocean Network, has been promoting WOD since 2003 with its network of over 1,600 ocean conservation organizations and others throughout the world. Events performed for WOD and awareness includes beach cleanups, educational programs, art contests, film festivals, and sustainable seafood events.


~~World Oceans Day 2014~~

The World Oceans Day 2014 theme is “Together we have the power to protect the ocean“, focused on raising awareness and promoting personal and community action in fun and positive ways, leading to a more aware, engaged, and sustainable society, and a healthier ocean.

~~World Oceans Day 2013~~

The World Oceans Day 2013 & 2014 theme is “Together we have the power to protect the ocean“.

~~World Oceans Day 2012~~

The World Oceans Day 2012 theme is “Youth: the Next Wave for Change“.

The Ocean Project launched a completely revamped site for World Oceans Day 2012. After the website crashed in 2011 due to an unexpectedly large number of users, significant resources were dedicated to prevent a recurrence. It is now prepared for what is expected to be the largest celebration of the ocean ever.

There were over 600 events planned in 55 countries.

~~World Oceans Day 2011~~

The World Oceans Day 2011 theme is the same as its 2012 celebration.

~~World Oceans Day 2010~~

In partnership with Dr. Seuss and the Census of Marine Life, World Oceans Day 2010’s theme of “Oceans of Life: Pick your favorite * Protect your favorite” had seen an increase in participation.

The Ocean Project and World Ocean Network recorded over 300 events for WOD 2010, a 26% increase over 2009. Participation in the United States increased by 32% (with participation in 37 states, as compared to 25 states the previous year). 2010 also boasted several additional countries (a total of 45 globally) that held events, including Bangladesh, Belgium, French Polynesia, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Malta, Malaysia, Venezuela, and Portugal.


~~Celebrate World Oceans Day on June 8~~

~~Published on May 29, 2013~~

June 8th is World Oceans Day!

Oceans are the life support system of our planet. Oceans regulate our climate. They provide the majority of our oxygen. The oceans are a global resource that we all rely upon.

This video was produced by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Information Programs in May 2013. The featured speaker is Philippe Cousteau, president and co-founder of Earthecho International.




~~Celebrate World Oceans Day! June 8th ~~

~~Published on Apr 23, 2015~~

June 8th is World Oceans Day.

Together we have the power to protect the ocean. 


We ALL are ONE!!