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~~September 3, 2015~~ 


*Allen Clifton*

Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis is the personification of religious idiocy. She has become a face for those in this country who honestly believe that their religion trumps our laws; those who think the Bible is more legally binding than our Constitution. She’s someone who thinks her rights are being violated because she’s being ordered not to infringe on the Constitutional rights of others – as per our Supreme Court and our Constitution.

It’s just lunacy. She has absolutely no legal leg on which to stand, yet she’s still trying to fight this in court – even though the highest court in the land already ruled on same-sex marriage months ago. What she’s essentially trying to do is challenge the Supreme Court’s decision back to the very same Supreme Court that made the decision in the first place.

Her job is to issue marriage licenses in accordance with the State of Kentucky which is bound to the Constitution of the United States of America. If she wants to become an anti-gay marriage advocate, she needs to quit her job and go join some hate group filled with knuckle-dragging fools like herself. She has no right (nor does any other business owner or government employee) to deny service to anyone based on religious beliefs.

Using your religion to try to justify denying Americans their Constitutional rights isn’t “religious freedom” – it’s discrimination.

And yes, it’s as simple as that.

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