Asymmetrical Symmetry…


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The moment we attain perfection; the universe changes the riddle hence live and love every moment, do not try to decode it because in universe; symmetry lives in asymmetrical fashion as:

Image by Thanks for your Like • donations welcome from Pixabay Image by Thanks for your Like • donations welcome from Pixabay

Flower lives in Bud.

Crop Lives in soil

Day Lives in Night

Light lives in Dark

Visible lives in Invisible

Life lives in Death

Success lives in Failure.

Symmetry lives in Asymmetrical fashion.

Featured Image Courtsey :Image by msandersmusic from Pixabay

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Stonewall: The Making of a Monument


Stonewall Inn … New York City!! Riots in 1969 … #Stonewall50 …

Kira Moore's Closet

Stonewall: The Making of a Monument

Ever since the 1969 riots on the streets outside New York City’s Stonewall Inn, L.G.B.T.Q. communities have gathered there to express their joy, their anger, their pain and their power.

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Putting Paid To The Lie …


Quite interesting … from the ‘horse’s mouth’ indeed! … ‘All four states that share a border with Mexico object to Drumpf’s wall and have put paid to his lies that the area is rampant with crime and lawlessness brought in by vicious immigrants. We all knew it was a lie, and now we have it straight from the horses’ mouths.’

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I think it’s pretty funny that while Trump carries on like a wild banshee about the need for a border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, while he shrieks about violent criminals “pouring” across the border, the states that are actually on that border say there is no need for the wall.  And they have just about had enough of Trump’s exaggerations and lies affecting their states.  A few examples:

In New Mexico, House Bill 287 would ban construction of a wall on state land along the Mexico border. State Representative Angelica Rubio who sponsored the legislation says she doesn’t believe a wall would solve the problems that many have raised.

“I think when investing in communities, investing in our schools are ahead of the issues that are being raised in the long term will work out, knowing that we’re making those real investments.”

In addition, New Mexico Governor Michelle…

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Coquito – A Traditional Puerto Rican Libation


Oh, this takes me back home!! Just what I needed today!!
Feliz Navidad …

Inside the Mind of Isadora

The Island of Puerto Rico is still in the recovery stages since Hurricane Maria devastated it in September, 2017.

Many are still without electricity, clean water, everyday needs such as food, clothing, simple essentials and telephones.

During this time of giving – perhaps, you can donate to this cause:

Somos una voz – We are one voice: donate here 

One day, the island will return to the beauty it once was as shown in this video – Sung by native Puerto Rican Marc Anthony

I’ve posted this before, but this year, it has so much more meaning for those of us who helplessly wait for news

from family members living on the island in the devastation of Hurricane Maria.Christmas coquito - shot glasses IMG_4867

My first Christmas experience of Puerto Rican traditions was in 1963

when I was sent to a private Benedictine Monastery high school called Colegio de Nuestra Señora de la Valvanera.

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Puerto Rico approves its first marijuana factory


This is it! I’m moving back home!! Ponce …. where I went to college & met my better half!


War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony

The first marijuana factory in Puerto Rico has been officially approved. Located in Ponce, it has the capacity to process hundreds of pounds of marijuana every day. 

The Puerto Rico Dept. of Health approved IMC Corporation – the owners of the factory – who will now develop “over 100 marijuana products” to be sold by dozens of distributors throughout the island…

According to IMC, all their products will be health-related. IMC spokeswoman Tamara Gonzalezannounced that their “medicinal cannabis” will yield marijuana products…over 100 of them…to meet a wide variety of medical needs.

The marijuana products may take the form of pills, oils, creams, inhalants and vaporizers.

The project was financed by Pariter Securitiesand a local investment fund, and employs 50 people in an old PRIDCO building in Ponce.

The IMC marijuana factory was financed and built quickly, after the commonwealth government approved the…

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10 Reasons Why America Is Not Ready For A Female President


Very good ‘facetious’ points … take a look!

List of X

A fun fact: 80% of the people who believe that America is not ready to have a female president had voted for Sarah Palin as a Vice President to a 75 year old man. Image source: A fun fact: 80% of the people who believe that America is not ready to have a female president had voted for Sarah Palin as a Vice President to a 75 year old man.
Image source:

The election is just a day away, and Hillary Clinton is still ahead in the polls, despite the combined efforts of the Republican party, the FBI, Wikileaks and Russian hackers. However, she is only up by a couple of percentage points, and in a recent speech President Obama had suggested that Clinton is losing some support because many voters are sexist and refuse to vote for a woman. However, these voters aren’t sexist, they merely recognize the reality that America is simply not ready for a female president. Here are 10 reasons why:

1)  If a woman becomes the American president, the title of the most powerful man in the world will by default go…

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