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  1. so very Kewl 🙂 Cool Morning is ! and ur very talented doc 🙂 commented at your Qtube and will be back when i have more bandwidth to spare to see all ur vids! was a wunderful listen to…must make ya feel gewd to be able to do that …like it makes me feel good to fly! 🙂 what a superb talent ..Namaste’ frum Q aka mikey in colorado!:) I have this thing bout talented pianists ! yes i do added you to my playlist called piano licks @ Q tuber werld 🙂
    When Nothing Else matters…ur werld through ur fingy tipz 🙂 treat 4 u here today! from me to u when nothing else matters , the music of our souls whatevr we do does right thanks 🙂 for helping to inspire me to keep on keepin on an play my own music to my very own soul 🙂
    i appreciate Ur blog werld a lot and U for being who u are ! hugzzzzzzz:) 2 U!


    • Wow!!!! Q ….. TY for your words. They are taken to heart. Yes, music is very important to me. I started taking lessons when I was 8. However, being kind of a rebel I wanted to do my thing.
      What you’re listening to comes to mind on the spur of the moment. I’ll forget if I don’t record it.

      Need to get back to it!! Thanks … 🙂


      • Hi Tyler!! Sorry for the delay …. life gets in the way sometime. Now I know what you mean!! I love “Mimiscule”!! I listened to the last song .. the piano piece & used the Shazam app. The piano piece at the end is ” Motifs” Esquisses for piano books, Op 63 – Book 4. No 48 by Steven Osborne”. I hope this is the one you wanted to know … I sure hope it helps!! Stay well …. peace!! 🙂


  2. It’s Good to hear someone play. I also play and do total improv when I record. Like you, if I don’t record it, it’s gone! I record emotions. If you wanted to listen I could give you a link

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  3. Good Sunday Morning. Just got back from listening to your lovely “Cool Morning” video on Utube. I just think it is spectacular you are sharing your music with everyone. Thank you.

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