Are you Ready for Revenge, Hunter Biden, and Dr. Fauci?

Here’s the true truth!! ,,, “If it’s performance art you like, vote GOP. If you want revenge and petty sham investigations, vote GOP. If you like scapegoating marginalized folks, vote GOP. And, if you’ve soured on democracy and like strongmen leaders who lie, cheat, and spit in the face of the rule of law, then, by all means, vote GOP.”

On The Fence Voters

I could give you many reasons to vote for Democrats in the midterms. But that’s not my focus in this post. I want to offer you some reasons to vote GOP instead.

If you’re a vengeful person who likes to hold grudges and get people back for what they’ve done to you, then, by all means, vote GOP. Because if they take control of Congress this year, you can be assured that revenge will be at the top of the list of things they will unleash upon the American people.

The Democrats had the nerve to impeach Donald Trump. Not once, but twice – the only president in our nation’s history to suffer such a fate. Now, the former president did do a few things that warranted impeachment. If you try to hold up aid to a foreign country, such as he did with Ukraine, to enhance his political prospects…

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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

Waiting on this to come out!! … Cate Blanchett, on “Tar” and the Art of Transformation (CBS Sunday Morning, October 2, 2022.

Live & Learn

SD: Your character has an interesting mix of appearing very powerful but also so very vulnerable.

CB: Yes. We’ve all got those dualities. We spend have of our lives in the middle of an confidence trick of pretending we’ve got our sh*t together, when in fact we don’t. The world and being alive is full of nuance and gray areas…

SD: Do you have self-doubt?

CB: Yes! Right now I’m full of it. Of course.

—  Cate Blanchett, on “Tar” and the Art of Transformation (CBS Sunday Morning, October 2, 2022

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Sailing To Fluteghazi

Lizzo and Madison’s glass flute … worth a read! … “Then came the outrage. People who never knew James Madison had a flute were outraged that a black woman played his flute.”


Yarr, did you hear the one about the black flautist playing James Madison’s flute? MAGAts haven’t been this riled up over stupid bullshit since Disney’s black mermaid.

First off, let’s get one controversy out of the way. “Flautist” is the correct term while “flutist” is more commonly used. I’m going with “flautist” just because I like it better.

Before this week, I bet you had never heard of Lizzo. Don’t feel bad, neither had I. Lizzo is a world-famous singer and classically-trained flautist. OK, flute player. Lizzo was headed to Washington, D.C, and was invited through a tweet by the Librarian of Congress, Carla Hayden (who is the first black female to head up the LOC. We’re learning all sorts of new stuff today) to check out their flute collection. Another thing I just learned is that not only does the LOC have flutes, but they have the largest collection…

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Qrazy Love

BOOM!! … Privacy? Not … “With that, I believe we should show the Greenes the same respect they’ve given to others throughout their lives. Marjorie Taylor Greene is a vile disgusting troglodyte pig person.”


Marjorie Taylor Greene’s husband is leaving her which makes a lot of sense because he’s married to Marjorie Taylor Greene. According to court documents, Perry Greene is filing on the grounds that the marriage is “irretrievably broken.” Perry is also asking the Floyd County Superior Court to seal the divorce proceedings, “because the parties’ significant privacy interest in sealing the records outweighs the public’s minuscule interest in access to said records.”

With that, I believe we should show the Greenes the same respect they’ve given to others throughout their lives.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a vile disgusting troglodyte pig person.

This is a person who’s attacked non-binary people. She stalked school-shooting survivor David Hogg, following him as he walked down the street, taunting him and calling him a “crisis actor.” She went to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s congressional office and shouted through her mail slot.

She’s an anti-semite who spread conspiracy theories…

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Happy Caturday …. “🌀 ‘Hurricane Cat Classification’ 🌀 …. “!!

~~October 1, 2022~~


Having safely gone through
Hurrican Ian, hits makes me smile … now!


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To Start the Day …. “🍂 ‘Goodbye September, Welcome October’ 🍂 …. “!!

~~October 1, 2022~~


Fact … October is the tenth month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian calendars and the sixth of seven months to have a length of 31 days.

The eighth month in the old calendar of Romulus c. 750 BC, October retained its name (from Latin and Greek ôctō meaning “eight”) after January and February were inserted into the calendar that had originally been created by the Romans.

In Ancient Rome, one of three Mundus patet would take place on October 5, Meditrinalia October 11, Augustalia on October 12, October Horse on October 15, and Armilustrium on October 19.


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Texas Cowards

I thought FloriDUH wasn’t a happy place in spite of Disney … I guess Texas is right up there with FL!! … “They say everything is bigger in Texas, and it’s true. No state has bigger cowards.”


A few years ago I was at a wedding here in Virginia, and the bride’s mom had flown in for it from Texas. After the vows were exchanged and everyone was dancing and eating cake, the bride’s mom was talking about Texas. Everything that came out of her mouth was about how Texas was the greatest place in the world. Texas is great for this. Texas is amazing for that. Texas, Texas, Texas. It was kinda insulting to everyone who lived in Virginia to be told how much better it is in Texas. She had a real lady boner for the place. Some of the stuff she claimed about Texas wasn’t true, like how the state could secede anytime it wanted and it’d probably be better off, but I didn’t challenge her because the bride is a really good friend of mine. It’s not her fault her mom was lying…

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Friday Real Fact, #2 …. “🌀 ‘Hurricane Ian Destroys McLAren P1’ 🌀 …. “!!

~~September 30, 2022~~


So very sad to see.

I’d think if anyone had that much money to buy this car, they should have had enough to protect it from this desturction.

I’m wonderinf if they have good insurance … more than likely, yes! HortyRex©

Hurricane Ian ravaged the US state of Florida, causing catastrophic flooding and leaving two million properties without power.

The storm was around 225km (140mi) wide brought 240km/h (150mph) winds to the south-west part of the state, but was downgraded from category 4 to category 1 as it moved north-east.

Showing just how powerful the flooding is, photos have emerged of a rare McLaren P1 destroyed in the storm.


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Friday Real Fact, #1 …. “🌀 ‘We are Safe — We Survived Hurricane Ian’ 🌀… “!!

~~September 30, 2022~~


We were lucky and we are blessed!!

And we are so very thankful.

The effects of this humongous hurricane were barely felt where we live. Having no power for almost 7-8 hours was the only discomfort we experienced.

And for that we are very, very grateful.


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