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Plenty of empty-headed opinions on Simone Biles decision about her competition in the Olympics!! … worth a read!! … “I had to look up a few things yesterday to find out what they are.”



I had to look up a few things yesterday to find out what they are. Things like beach handball. I’m still not sure what handball really is, but whatever it is, the beach version is played on a beach. 

Then I had to look up Charlie Kirk. That sounds familiar. What makes him relevant? He’s a 27-year-old Trump supporter who writes a column for Newsweek. Seriously, Newsweek? Why does Newsweek want to distribute the opinion of a 27-year-old white conservative male without any real-world experience who’s an online college dropout? Leave the racist conspiracy theorists to Breitbart, m’kay? 

But, this Charlie Kirk fucknut also has a fucknut podcast for racist Trump-supporting fucknuts which he used yesterday to attack four-time gold medal winner gymnast Simone Biles for dropping out of the team finals at the Olympics. Kirk, who says white privilege is a racist lie, called her “very selfish,” “immature,” “a…

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Lightly Child, Lightly.

I applaud you on your perseverance … early morning walks!! … “— Maggie Smith, “How Dark the Beginning”.

Live & Learn

All we ever talk of is light—
let there be light, there was light then,

good light—but what I consider
dawn is darker than all that.

So many hours between the day
receding and what we recognize

as morning, the sun cresting
like a wave that won’t break

over us—as if  light were protective,
as if  no hearts were flayed,

no bodies broken on a day
like today. In any film,

the sunrise tells us everything
will be all right. Danger wouldn’t

dare show up now, dragging
its shadow across the screen.

We talk so much of  light, please
let me speak on behalf

of  the good dark. Let us
talk more of how dark

the beginning of a day is.

Maggie Smith, “How Dark the Beginning


  • Photo: DK @ Daybreak. July 14, 2021. 4:45 a.m.
  • Post Title & Inspiration: Aldous Huxley:

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Thursday Thoughts …. “🕊 ‘Peace: Achieved by Understanding, Never Force’ 🕊 …. “!!

~~July 29, 2021~~


I’ll leave this here … can’t be said any better.



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A Year in the Rain

Amazing photography … important informatioona Humanity … simple as that! … “During the year I spent following the monsoon in a dozen countries, I learned to see it as a critically important event,
and not the disaster it had first seemed.”

Steve McCurry Curated


During the year I spent following the monsoon in a dozen countries, Ilearned to seeit as a criticallyimportantevent,
and not the disaster it hadfirst seemed.

Goa, India

Farmers experience the monsoon as an almost
religious experienceas they watch their fields come back to life after being parched for half the year.


Porbandar, India


Mumbai, India


Fizzy, frothy, fickle rain

Java, Indonesia

Porbandar, India

For months there is no rain, and then there is too much.
Half the world’s people survive at the whim of the monsoon.

Kathmandu, Nepal

Porbandar, India

Bihar, India


Pokhara, Nepal

Porbandar, India


Monsoon History

Shirley Geok-lin Lim
The air is wet, soaks
into mattresses, and curls
In apparitions of smoke,
Like fat white slugs furled
Among the timber
Or silver fish tunnelling
The damp linen covers
Of schoolbooks, or walking
Quietly like centipedes,
The air walking everywhere

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Wednesday Wisdom ….”💫 ‘What Matters Most’ 💫 …. “!!

~~July 28, 2021~~


I’ll leave this here … I think it says it all!!



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Vive Le Loser

… and the sad thing is that this is the way it is!! … “Anything we lose that we don’t want to lose shouldn’t be counted. That’s how democracy is supposed to work. And if we can’t win the game, then let’s change the rules.”



Fact: Mike Pence did nothing…NOTHING…to prevent the United States men’s basketball team from losing to France. Oh, sure. He might give you some weak excuse that there’s nothing in the United State’s Constitution that empowers a vice-president to prevent an Olympic basketball loss, but I think that’s just a poor excuse for being disloyal.

I went to my local post office yesterday. I’ve gotten to know the people who work there. The guy behind the counter asked me if I’ve been watching the Olympics and I told him I have. I’ve watched badminton, horses, diving, volleyball, skateboarding, and the night before, I was watching the USA men’s basketball team take on France. I watched the game while I was eating taquitos at a place down the street and I left during the second period. So, I didn’t finish the game. I asked the mail dude, “How bad did we beat…

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Bezos and Bozos

Just funny!! … “I really wish Jeff Bezos would have been greeted as he stepped out of his phallus-shaped rocket by a prankster in an ape costumer wearing a tie and a Blue Origin shirt.”



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I really wish Jeff Bezos would have been greeted as he stepped out of his phallus-shaped rocket by a prankster in an ape costumer wearing a tie and a Blue Origin shirt.

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Notes on my book, Tales From The Trumpster Fire:There are ZERO copies of my book in stock, which usually go for $45.00 each, signed. Another order will be placed soon. You may pre-order if…

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Shazam for bird songs

So very awesome!! Read more … “Last month, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology released an updated version of its Merlin Bird ID app, which allows users to identify birds by song.”

Live & Learn

…Birds can be secretive creatures, staying high in the treetops or deep in the underbrush. Even those in plain sight often move startlingly quickly, appearing as hardly more than a flash of color, a blur of wings. Except for the background sound of birdsong, many people are never aware of how many birds — or how few — they share the world with.

Apps like iNaturalist from National Geographic and the California Academy of Sciences help to close that gap, functioning as both electronic field guides and vast data-collection devices. They learn as we learn, improving with every photo and map pin we upload, helping experts understand a planet undergoing profound change. But what of the vast number of birds we never see, those we only hear? To offer that feature — one that accurately and consistently recognizes birds by sound alone — would be the birding equivalent of finding…

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