Moving Art & Vizio at Bertrand Delacroix Gallery

Dr. Rex:

This representation of nature’s beauty is beyond compare!!

Originally posted on Moving Art by Louie Schwartzberg:

Last month Louie’s Moving Art was featured at the Bertrand Delacroix Gallery in New York City for Vizio’s P-Series Launch. The event featured the entire line of Vizio’s new P-Series models, as well as demos of their functionality, including “shootouts” with rival Samsung models, as well as upscaling and streaming capabilities. The Vizio sets are already designed to support 4K streaming from Netflix which makes streaming Moving Art by Louie Schwartzberg come to life like never before in the convenience of your own home! (Netflix subscriber? Click Here To Watch Moving Art on Netflix)

The video above gives a glimpse into the beauty of Moving Art being displayed on a television that can show the footage as it was meant to be seen. Rather than hanging a still photograph or painting on the walls of our homes, we can use beautiful new technology to turn our televisions into displays…

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At the end of the day …. “A very serious topic”!!

~~October 23, 2014~~ 


This is a topic that I recently started looking into. The only reason I know about it is because I started to research. I’m amazed, and not in a positive way, at the way that the human race treats the animals that are part of our world.

I must confess I eat meat. I eat mostly chicken. However, since I learned about this practice I have decreased the amount of meat I eat. I have stopped drinking cow’s milk and eating eggs. At least, that’s a start. 

“You can’t make a difference for them all but you can make a difference for one.”


Intensive animal farming or industrial livestock production, also called factory farming, is a modern form of intensive farming that refers to the keeping of livestock, such as cattle, poultry and fish at higher stocking densities than is usually the case with other forms of animal agriculture — a practice typical in industrial farming by agribusinesses.

The main products of this industry are meat, milk and eggs for human consumption. There are issues regarding whether factory farming is sustainable and ethical.


Confinement at high stocking density is one part of a systematic effort to produce the highest output at the lowest cost by relying on economies of scale, modern machinery, biotechnology, and global trade. Confinement at high stocking density requires the use of antibiotics and pesticides to mitigate the spread of disease and pestilence exacerbated by these crowded living conditions.

In addition, antibiotics are used to stimulate livestock growth by killing intestinal bacteria. There are differences in the way factory farming techniques are practiced around the world. There is a continuing debate over the benefits, risks and ethical questions of factory farming. The issues include the efficiency of food production; animal welfare; whether it is essential for feeding the growing global population; and the environmental impact (e.g. pollution) and health risks.

The practice is widespread in developed nations. According to the Worldwatch Institute, as of 2006 74 percent of the world’s poultry, 43 percent of beef, 50 percent of pork, and 68 percent of eggs were produced this way.

“As it appears in … “

Pointing the finger

~~The Secrets of Food Marketing~~

~~Published on May 12, 2014~~

Compassion in World Farming

Think you aren’t being fooled by advertising tricks?

Take a look at this so-called expert revealing food marketing’s secret weapon.

You can stop the spin at


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No amount of marketing makes factory farming acceptable.


We ALL are ONE!! 


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Michael Brown smeared in United States media

Dr. Rex:

This is so wrong!!! The justice system is so broken …..

Originally posted on Dear Kitty. Some blog:

This video from Ferguson, Missori in the USA is about Michael Brown having his hands up when police officer Darren Wilson killed him, as witnesses confirm.

By Andre Damon in the USA:

US media campaign to exonerate cop who killed Michael Brown

23 October 2014

On Wednesday, the Washington Post and St. Louis Post-Dispatch joined the ongoing media campaign to vilify Michael Brown, the unarmed teenager gunned down by a cop in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9.

The media reports are part of a coordinated campaign to prepare the public for the possibility that a grand jury will fail to charge the officer, Darren Wilson. The grand jury is expected to decide whether to charge Wilson early next month.

On Wednesday morning the St. Louis Post-Dispatch published what it claimed to be “the most detailed account of Wilson’s version of the Aug. 9 event to be made…

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Mr. Bean …. that awesome moment!!

~~October 23, 2014~~ 

I love Mr. Bean.

I found this meme …. and wish to offend no one. I find this so real and so genuine, knowing that plenty of times I have felt this way.


Mr. Bean is a British television program series of fourteen 25-minute episodes written by and starring Rowan Atkinson as the title character. Different episodes were also written by Robin Driscoll, Richard Curtis and one by Ben Elton. Thirteen of the episodes were broadcast on ITV, from the pilot on 1 January 1990, until “Goodnight Mr. Bean” on 31 October 1995. A clip show, “The Best Bits of Mr. Bean“, was broadcast on 15 December 1995, and one episode, “Hair by Mr. Bean of London” was not broadcast until 2006 on Nickelodeon.

Based on a character originally developed by Atkinson while he was studying for his master’s degree at Oxford University, the series follows the exploits of Mr. Bean, described by Atkinson as “a child in a grown man’s body“, in solving various problems presented by everyday tasks and often causing disruption in the process. Bean rarely speaks, and the largely physical humor of the series is derived from his interactions with other people and his unusual solutions to situations.

“As it appears in … “


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Who is selectively leaking information to help Officer Darren Wilson UPDATED BELOW

Dr. Rex:

This is a total travesty ….. Hand-picking, fact changing & molding to convenience!! SMH …

Originally posted on Frederick Leatherman Law Blog:

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Good morning:

We are witnessing a massive coordinated effort by unnamed officials to unlawfully influence public opinion and the members of a grand jury regarding the Michael Brown shooting by selectively leaking and spinning information in the police investigation file. The purpose of this massive propaganda effort is to discredit eyewitness accounts of the shooting, persuade the public that Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown in self-defense and condition the public to accept a decision by the grand jury next month to not charge the officer with a crime.

The St.Louis Post Dispatch reported today,

The official autopsy on Michael Brown shows that he was shot in the hand at close range, according to an analysis of the findings by two experts not involved directly in the case.

The accompanying toxicology report shows he had been using marijuana.


A source with knowledge of…

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I feel very deeply …. How do you feel?

~~October 23, 2014~~


I feel very deeply. 

Am I too sensitive?

Indeed, every word, every action and every energy goes straight to my heart.

How do you feel?



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