Angelina Jolie Makes Statement on Syrians After News of Wedding

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Here you have it …. someone is addressing a real human issue!!!!

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Angelina Jolie has released a statement regrading the current situation of Syrian refugees. Jolie serves as a Special Envoy for the UNHCR.

“Three million refugees is not just another statistic. It is a searing indictment of our collective failure to end the war in Syria. International stability is steadily bleeding away in Syria. UN Security Council Resolutions are being ignored; war crimes are being committed on a daily basis; regional countries are staggering under the human burden; and Syrian refugees are dying in the Mediterranean Sea, trying to reach Europe. We need to see a new attempt to resolve the conflict and greater efforts to support more than 13 million Syrians who are in desperate need. The reputation and credibility of the international system is at stake with so many thousands of lives threatened in Syria.”

Angelina Jolie is currently working in Malta where she is filming By the Sea…

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Angelika’s Songs …. “Classic” by MKTO!!


This is Angelika, my oldest grand-daughter, you may have seen her here a few times. She is 9 years old.

She loves music, as much as I do. She’s been keeping me up to date with some of the new songs that are coming out. She knows the songs but doesn’t know the performer most of the time. I’ve trying to teach her it’s important to also know who is singing. Very frequently, we use the “Shazam” app to identify the singer/band. 

Since she returned from her summer trip up north, she has started school. She’s been asking me how I am doing posting her songs. I told her I was a bit behind. She told me I better get on it. So, here I am!!


~~As it appears on …. ~~

MKTO is an American musical duo consisting of Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller.

Their debut single, “Thank You“, was released in January 2013. The follow up single, “Classic“, was released in June 2013. MKTO’s self-titled debut album was released on January 30, 2014.



2010–12: Formation
Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller met in 2010 while filming the Nickelodeon television series Gigantic, in which their characters played best friends. They later formed together as a duo and came up with the name MKTO, which represents the combined initials of their names and surnames, MK for Malcolm Kelley and TO for Tony Oller.

They elaborated upon the inspiration for their group name, saying: “It also stands for what our album kind of is: Misfit Kids and Total Outcasts – just like the kids we were in high school. 


~~2013–2014: MKTO~~

The group signed to Columbia Records and released their debut single “Thank You” on January 15, 2013.

“Thank You” is a crossover between pop and hip hop.




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~~Published on Jun 20, 2013~~

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Music video by MKTO performing Classic. (C) 2013 Columbia Records, a

Division of Sony Music Entertainment


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Wanna go Teal the easy way? :D

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My friend mchelsmusgins … has TEALED me!!! Awareness for ovarian cancer … September is the month reminding us of this medical condition!!!

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Post a pic of yourself- tag me- or comment with your blog link on this post and I’ll teal ya right up. This offer is good till Saturday 9/6/14.  I love doing creative stuff. So hakuna matata! let’s raise Awareness!!!

And I’ll post your completed pix here in this post for easy pickup! LOL :D

Me! Teal Chel

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ISIS Allegedly Beheads Journalist Steven Sotloff. NO, The Video Is NOT Here.

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As his mother mentions, this man has no control over the actions of the government!!! Here we see senseless and useless loss of life, again, for the sake of religion, racial differences, power struggles …. I don’t know what else to say!!

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Mr. Militant Negro, Jueseppi B.

Mr. Militant Negro, Jueseppi B.

I do NOT believe in blogging or posting video of murder done to humans by coward organizations such as ISIS, ISIL or anyone else for that matter, if you wish to view this video, you can locate it online.


ISIS video shows beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff


From Josh Levs and Ashley Fantz, CNN


(CNN) — The ISIS terror group has published a video titled “A second message to America,” showing the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff.


The video also threatens the life of British captive David Haines.


Sotloff speaks to the camera before he is killed, saying he is “paying the price” for U.S. intervention. Considering he was a captive, it’s possible that his words were scripted for him.


The masked ISIS figure in the video speaks to U.S. President Barack Obama, telling him…

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ISIS has murdered another American Journalist!

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This would be something worth fighting for ….. much more than oil!!

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U.S. Journalist Steven Solof reportedly murdered by ISIS!

Now that news of yet another American Journalist being savagely and mercilessly beheaded by what I consider to be the scum who call themselves “The Islamic State” (ISIS)(ISIL) has come out, I am curious:  “When are we going to learn of a comprehensive strategy by The Obama Administration to stop these murderous animals in their tracks?

I think it is a reasonable question seeing as how the ISIS killers reportedly kill without a second thought, with what appears to be total abandon and seeing as how they have declared their intent to “Raise” their battle flag in victory over The White House.

Is someone working on a comprehensive strategy to keep these barbarians from mounting an attack on American or European soil? Will we have to wait or will we be kept in the dark until some of them unleash some of their goons…

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Mission accomplished …. “In the Battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed”!!


~~September 2, 2014~~ 

Really? You serious? Naw …..


I look at this picture. I remember his knee-bending, daunting stroll, wearing his flight suit, sauntering on board a USS Carrier.


What have we seen since then? It’s worse now and the worst is yet to be. The appearance and strengthening of ISIS. The beheading of two American journalists and the threatening of a British one. Brace for more ….

~As it appears in …. ~

“The 2003 Mission Accomplished speech gets its name from a banner that read “Mission Accomplished” displayed on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln during a televised address by United States President George W. Bush on May 1, 2003 and the controversy that followed.

Bush stated at the time that this was the end to major combat operations in Iraq. Bush’s assertion — and the sign itself — became controversial after guerrilla warfare in Iraq increased during the Iraqi insurgency. The vast majority of casualties, both military and civilian, occurred after the speech.



On May 1, 2003, Bush became the first sitting President to make an arrested landing in a fixed-wing aircraft on an aircraft carrier when he arrived at the USS Abraham Lincoln in a Lockheed S-3 Viking, dubbed Navy One, as the carrier lay just off the San Diego coast, having returned from combat operations in the Persian Gulf. He posed for photographs with pilots and members of the ship’s crew while wearing a flight suit. A few hours later, he gave a speech announcing the end of major combat operations in the Iraq War. Far above him was the warship’s banner stating “Mission Accomplished.”

Bush was criticized for the historic jet landing on the carrier as an overly theatrical and expensive stunt. For instance, it was pointed out that the carrier was well within range of Bush’s helicopter, and that a jet landing was not needed. Originally the White House had stated that the carrier was too far off the California coast for a helicopter landing and a jet would be needed to reach it.

On the day of the speech, the Lincoln was only 30 miles (48 km) from shore but the administration still decided to go ahead with the jet landing. White House spokesman Ari Fleischer admitted that Bush “could have helicoptered, but the plan was already in place. Plus, he wanted to see a landing the way aviators see a landing.” The Lincoln made a scheduled stop in Pearl Harbor shortly before the speech, docked in San Diego after the speech, and returned to her home port in Everett, Washington on May 6, 2003.”



“We have difficult work to do in Iraq. We are bringing order to parts of that country that remain dangerous.”
“Our mission continues … The War on Terror continues, yet it is not endless. We do not know the day of final victory, but we have seen the turning of the tide.”

“In the Battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed.”

~President George W. Bush~

Iraq War opponents have used the phrase “mission accomplished” in an ironic sense, while others have non-politically cited it as an example of a general public relations failure.

And now, the incredible worsening of the situation in a war-torn country thanks to the U.S. of A.




~~Bush-Mission Accomplished/Bring ‘em on~~

~~Uploaded on Jun 11, 2010~~

From the person who posted the video ….

“Oddly enough, this video is very rare on the web, so I decided to post it. This is a just a reminder of what a dumb f*ck President Bush was. Actually, I shouldn’t say he WAS a dumb ass, he still IS.”


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