At the end of the day …. Ego versus Eco!!


~~July 27, 2014~~ 

I saw this composite graphic on my Facebook page. I shared it because it strongly reminds me about the way of the world today. 

When we think about “us” versus “we”, the ego takes over. In regards to planet Earth, this brings terrible consequences. We have two options. Keep going down the path of destruction of our planet or chose to work together, as one, to save it. 

A dear blogger, FB friend saw it and posted a YouTube video under this thread. Thank you Jan Hobbs …… it’s included below.

You can find Jan here:



Id, ego and super-ego are the three parts of the psychic apparatus defined in Sigmund Freud’s structural model of the psyche.

They are the three theoretical constructs in terms of whose activity and interaction mental life is described. According to this model of the psyche, the id is the set of uncoordinated instinctual trends; the super-ego plays the critical and moralizing role; and the ego is the organized, realistic part that mediates between the desires of the id and the super-ego. The super-ego can stop one from doing certain things that one’s id may want to do.



Ecology is the scientific study of interactions among organisms and their environment, such as the interactions organisms have with each other and with their abiotic environment. Topics of interest to ecologists include the diversity, distribution, amount (biomass), number (population) of organisms, as well as competition between them within and among ecosystems.

Ecosystems are composed of dynamically interacting parts including organisms, the communities they make up, and the non-living components of their environment. Ecosystem processes, such as primary production, pedogenesis, nutrient cycling, and various niche construction activities, regulate the flux of energy and matter through an environment. 



The solution to this problem has always been and always will be in our hands. 


~~Earth Song~~

~~Uploaded on Oct 2, 2009~~

Music video by Michael Jackson performing Earth Song.

© 1995 MJJ Productions Inc.


Earth Song is a ballad that incorporates elements of blues, gospel and opera. Jackson had a long-standing history of releasing socially conscious material such as “We Are the World“, “Man in the Mirror” and “Heal the World“. However, “Earth Song” was the first that overtly dealt with the environment and animal welfare. Earth Song was made for the “Dangerous” album but it failed to make the album. The song was written and composed by Jackson; the task of production was split between Jackson, David Foster and Bill Bottrell.

Earth Song” was accompanied by a lavish music video shot on four geographical regions. It centered on the destruction and rebirth of Earth and went on to receive a Grammy nomination in 1997. The song was a top five hit in most European countries. In the United Kingdom, it remains Jackson’s best-selling single and was the country’s 1995 Christmas number-one single. “Earth Song” was not released as a single in the United States. Jackson went on to receive recognition from various animal and environmental organizations.


We ALL are connected through NATURE!! 


We ALL are ONE!!

How We Roll Down In Puerto Rico

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This is something I NEED to share …… Love it!!

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Before anyone gets real excited about the image provided, let it be known it was created by me in and for the complete adult humor of it all not meaning any disrespect to either party.

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A Woman is many things, passionate and …

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What is a woman?? Read it here …..

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my love - Copy

She may be viewed with passion in mind or she may be viewed as intelligent, discerning, determined and her own person.


Don’t confuse the two. Just because a woman is passionate does not mean she is not also, strong willed and a capable individual up for life’s challenges (more than a few of them very difficult).

cuddling w frankie

And never forget she is loving of all life, tender and nurturing. So a woman is many things – But most of all (for all my female friends out there if you don’t know this you should - “She Is Essential!” for exactly who she is!

strengthofwomanThe Essential Woman

 Yes, all these photographs are of me. And the drawing is also one I sketched awhile back. I’m making a point that not only I, but all women have inside of us vast reserves to call upon. So much capability locked up inside. We…

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Good question …. How would you feel??


~~July 27, 2014~~

I received this email in my inbox today. I thought it was worthy of sharing. There’s no intention of ruffling any feathers or offending anyone.

Still think this is a good question. Something to think about. 


“We demand the British government and opposition immediately discuss sanctions on Israel, including withholding the billions of pounds of aid our country sends to Israel each year, in the face of their military attacks on Gaza.

We demand that our government holds one of its purported allies accountable for the war crimes being committed in the occupied territories of Gaza and the West Bank. We demand that our government oversees the lifting of the blockades in Palestine and sends immediate aid to the worst affected areas who are running short of food, water, medicine and fuel.

We demand that our government accurately represents the outrage amongst Britain’s population at the callous and horrific actions of Israel towards the Palestinian people.

Their cousins were the four young boys killed on a beach in Gaza while playing soccer.

Why is this important?

We cannot allow this cycle of violence to continue.

As Israel’s disregard for international law and humanitarian needs intensify, the radicalisation of rebels will only continue to rise alongside it. Until Israel begins treating the Palestinian’s like human beings this cycle will rage on.

It is simply not possible for us to stand by and do nothing as innocent men, women and children are bombed in their own homes and imprisoned in their own towns.

The Israel attacks are blatant examples of collective punishment, which is defined as a war crime. Should we allow this to continue, we become complicit in their actions and every subsequent civilian casualty will leave blood on our hands as a nation.”





We ALL are connected through HUMANITY!! 


~~Let There Be Peace on Earth~~

~~Uploaded on Dec 24, 2009~~

Let There Be Peace on Earth
by: Vince Gill


We ALL are ONE!! 



10 things you need to know today: July 27, 2014

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Here they are!! Headlines …. Updates!!

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An Israeli tank fires into Gaza

An Israeli tank fires into Gaza Andrew Burton / Getty Images

The Week

Hamas proposes a new cease fire, fighting thwarts investigators from reaching the MH17 crash site, and more.

1. Hamas calls for 24-hour truce as death toll tops 1,050
Hamas on Sunday requested a 24-hour humanitarian truce ahead of the three-day Eid al-Fitr holiday, which marks the end of Ramadan. The request came one day after the militant Palestinian group rejected an Israeli-proposed truce, saying the terms were “unacceptable” because they did not mandate Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. More than 1,050 Palestinians have died in the three-week-old conflict, the majority of them civilians. [USA Today, NBC News]


2. MH17 investigators thwarted by fighting in Ukraine
International investigators who were to inspect the MH17 crash site Sunday called off their visit due to intense fighting in the area between Ukrainian troops and pro-Russian…

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