At the end of the day …. celebrating Michael Jackson!!


~~August 29, 2014~~ 

Today Michael Jackson would have turned 56 years old. 

Like many, I followed his genius and his career since the early days of the Jackson 5. 

The amount of music, dance moves, styles, steps he left behind are beyond measure.

Like many talented, gifted performers, he had dark secrets and many issues.

No one should judge. 

He was his most unbending critic.




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17yr Old Jeremy plays “Man In The Mirror”



The days which we are currently living are difficult times. A change has to happen to make things better. Any change must start with one individual. The longest journey starts with the first step. 

Start this change by looking at the “Man in the Mirror”!! 


~~Man In The Mirror~~

(Official Video)

~~Uploaded on Apr 9, 2011~~

Michael Jackson – Man In The Mirror (Official Video)
© 1988 MJJ Productions Inc.



We ALL are ONE!! 


“Resonant Chamber” ….


~~August 29, 2014~~ 

~As is appears on Animusic’s Facebook Page~~

ANIMUSIC is a computer animation company with the singular focus of animating music.


ANIMUSIC is an independent entertainment company specializing in the production of DVD “video albums”.

Animusic’s videos are unique, captivating, and often cause jaws to drop.


You’ll experience Animusic as individual animations that are typically about 4 to 5 minutes long. They’re collected together to form a “visual album”, and sold as a DVD.


ANIMUSIC is a computer animation company with the singular focus of animating music.

Both music and visuals are entirely digitally synthesized. We “invent” imaginary Virtual Instruments by building computer graphics models of objects that appear to create the sound of the corresponding synthesized music track.


~As is appears on …. ~~

Animusic is an American company specializing in the 3D visualization of MIDI-based music. Founded by Wayne Lytle, it is incorporated in New York and has offices in Texas and California. The initial name of the company was Visual Music, changed to Animusic in 1995.

The company is known for its Animusic compilations of computer-generated animations, based on MIDI events processed to simultaneously drive the music and on-screen action, leading to and corresponding to every sound.

Unlike many other music visualizations, the music drives the animation. While other productions might animate figures or characters to the music, the animated models in Animusic are created first, and are then programmed to follow what the music “tells them” to. ‘Solo cams’ featured on the Animusic DVD shows how each instrument actually plays through a piece of music from beginning to end. Many of the instruments appear to be robotic or play themselves using curious methods to produce and visualize the original compositions. The animations typically feature dramatically-lit rooms or landscapes.


The music of Animusic is principally pop-rock based, consisting of straightforward sequences of triggered samples and digital patches mostly played “dry”; i.e., with few effects. There are no lyrics or voices, save for the occasional chorus synthesizer. According to the director’s comments on Animusic 2, most instrument sounds are generated with software synthesizers on a music workstation (see Software Programs for more info). Many sounds resemble stock patches available on digital keyboards, subjected to some manipulation, such as pitch or playback speed, to enhance the appeal of their timbre.




~~”Resonant Chamber”~~

~~Uploaded on Mar 18, 2008~~

From the Animusic 2 DVD – This is another amazing piece of incredibly beautiful and precise work from Animusic – more information at


We ALL are ONE!! 


Gov. Jay Nixon Was Right About One Thing: The Whole World IS Watching!

Dr. Rex:

….. and the world IS indeed watching! And will continue to watch!

Originally posted on United States Hypocrisy:

Brave young man in #Ferguson tosses a tear gas canister back toward the police officers who shot it at him.

Brave young man in #Ferguson tosses a tear gas canister back toward the police officers who shot it at him.

Missouri’s Democratic Governor Jay Nixon, who’s been sounding a lot more like Gov. George Wallace lately, probably thought he was being clever when he decided to invoke one of the most famous Revolutionary slogans of the 1960’s last week, while at the same time smugly trying to turn the very meaning of the phrase on its head. “We must first have and maintain peace,” the Governor declared during an August 16 press conference, publicly lecturing protesters in Ferguson, Missouri for expressing their grievances against an unjust system that doesn’t give a damn about them or their loved ones. “This is a test. The eyes of the world are watching.” Consequently, these are the truest words spoken by a government official in regards to the horrific police occupation of Ferguson, Missouri yet. The eyes…

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GOP Rep. Peter King Is Actually Mad About Obama’s Tan Suit

Dr. Rex:

M’lord!!!! Nothing more important to talk about? Seriously??

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“The suit heard round the world…”

Will these people ever stop exposing their inability to think rationally when it comes to the POTUS?


The overload of coverage over Barack Obama‘s tan suit has led to some unexpected consequences: Rep. Peter King (R-NY), called into The Steve Malzberg Show to rage about how “trivial” the summer suit was.

Summer suits, according to Rep. King, are not appropriate garb for talking about terrorism or ISIS, and especially when the President says he doesn’t have a strategy to deal with the resurgence of terrorism.

“For him to walk out — I’m not trying to be trivial here — in a light suit, light tan suit, saying that first he wants to talk about what most Americans care about the revision of second quarter numbers on the economy,” he seethed. “This is a week after Jim Foley was beheaded and he’s trying to…

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Dance like no one is watching …. they are not!!


~~August 29, 2014~~ 


~~Elaine Benis Dances from Seinfeld~~

~~Uploaded on Apr 11, 2008~~

Elaine Marie Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) from Seinfeld dances her spaz dance. This always cracks me up because like me it’s nice to see a woman who can’t dance either.


We ALL are ONE!! 


Three Shocking Facts About Eating Meat

Dr. Rex:

“Life and Death on UK Factory Farms” …. change the name to USA. Warning …. graphic video!!!

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14996938526_08dedbfb53_h (1)


The Surprise

A humorous take on the issue of eating meat, with a reminder of some of the harm it causes to us individually and to the wider world.

Source: Byzantine_K – includes larger sizes  for down load with a creative Commons License.

Though the above poster is satire the message it conveys is one of a shocking reality that few people fully comprehend.

Shocking fact: 65 billion animals are slaughtered worldwide each year

That right! Approximately 65 billion land (farm) animals are slaughtered worldwide every year  to sate the appetite of wealthy people in the west for a food they do not need and is not natural. A further 90 billion marine animals are also killed worldwide every year!

Here in the UK alone over 900 million farm animals die each year, in 2011 this included 8.5 million pigs, nearly 15 million sheep, 17 million turkeys, 15 million ducks…

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