At the end of the day …. a nostalgic trip back in time!!

~~October 4, 2014~~ 

I frequently find myself browsing the internet, looking through Facebook postings and visiting YouTube for any interesting videos to post.

I found one video that I would like to share with you tonight.

Some of you many know that I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. I was born in 1950 … there, now you know my age.

At that time, Puerto Rico was a possession of the United States as a bounty after the Spanish American war. 


On November 25, 1897, Spain’s central government in Madrid granted the island the Autonomic Charter, giving the Province of Puerto Rico more sovereignty over its local affairs. Thus, Puerto Rico became an overseas autonomous province in full equality with the other provinces of the Spanish nation.

But in 1898, Spain was forced by the United States to cede the island following the Spanish–American War, under the terms of the Treaty of Paris.

In 1917, the U.S. granted citizenship to Puerto Ricans. In 1948, Puerto Ricans were given the right to elect their own governor. In 1952, under request by the United States, a local territorial constitution was adopted and ratified by the electorate. Under the tenets of the Puerto Rico Federal Relations Act, residents of the island are still subject to the plenary jurisdiction of the U.S. Congress.

“As it appears in …. “




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~~Puerto Rico Década de los 50~~

~~Published on Oct 6, 2013~~

Excelente y precioso video de Puerto Rico en la época de los 50’s.


We ALL are ONE!! 

Puerto Rican boy

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